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Beijing News – Good news, no end

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First Cold Wave of the Year of the Dragon and Other Breaking News

As the Year of the Dragon begins, China is facing its first cold wave, with severe cooling expected in central and eastern regions. The China Meteorological Administration held a media briefing on February 15, where it was announced that the cold wave will bring widespread rain, snow, and freezing weather. Hunan and Guizhou are expected to be hit by freezing rain, but the impact is not expected to be as severe as the freeze experienced last year.

In Xinjiang, a strong cold wave has brought red warnings for heavy snowfall, strong winds, and cold waves. The Xinjiang Meteorological Observatory is urging caution and taking measures to protect against heavy snowfalls, wind-blown snow, and avalanches.

Meanwhile, the China Coast Guard has taken action to protect China’s sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal, following an illegal intrusion by the Philippines. The Chinese Consulate in Bali has also advised tourists to exercise caution following traffic and drowning accidents involving Chinese tourists in Bali and Komodo National Parks.

In local news, Beijing is gearing up for the peak of passenger flow returning to the city during the Spring Festival, with transportation authorities implementing measures to ensure smooth connections for passengers arriving at night. Additionally, Beijing’s parks received a record number of tourists on February 15, marking a significant increase from the previous year.

In finance, the total number of Spring Festival film screenings in 2024 has reached a new record, with 3.71 million showings. The People’s Bank of China also reported a surge in online payments during the holiday period, reaching 7.74 trillion yuan.

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In sports news, the Chinese swimming team has achieved success at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, with victories in the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay and the men’s 100m freestyle. However, the Chinese national football team has seen a drop in their FIFA ranking, falling to 88th place globally.

Internationally, Ecuador has approved the China-Ecuador Free Trade Agreement, while former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is set to be paroled on February 18. In Belarus, an anti-terrorism operation system has been implemented in the Gomel region, and Indonesia has agreed to the opening of a Russian consulate in Bali.

With a wide array of newsworthy events taking place, it’s clear that the Year of the Dragon is off to an eventful start.

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