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Belluno, a pact against gender-based violence. The Arma brings the red code to school

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234 complaints since the beginning of the year: a slight increase. Electronic bracelets spring up against the violent

BELLUNO. The shift supervisor who tries with the employee, but also the wife who withdraws the complaint thinking that the partner is no longer an ogre, except having to resort to the emergency room treatment for the blows received a few days after returning home. Up to the elderly circuits or, even worse, the abused minors.

Gender-based violence, violence against women: the Belluno area is not immune and the numbers for 2021 speak for themselves. Maltreatment and stalking in slight growth, less sexual violence, then the same 45 cases of injuries compared to the 2020 lockdown; three arrests, but also two electronic bracelets, were snapped on the wrists of as many enterprising stalkers.

These are some numbers of a particularly violent year within the walls of the home, for Belluno women, but also for the elderly or minors: the data from the observatory of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Belluno, where an anti-violence unit operates, speak clearly with numbers that they include the cases handled by companies and stations of the Arma in the province.

To tackle the problem, on the world day against violence against women, the weapon launches a counter-offensive of a cultural and preventive nature that finds support in schools and students: “Let’s study the red code at school”. The awareness campaign of classes IV and V of the high schools of Belluno against violence against women and gender was presented by the provincial commander Francesco Rastelli, with Massimiliano Salvador (head of the provincial school office) and Maria Chiara Roldo, student of the Renier and vice president of the student council, lieutenant colonel Marco Stabile, at the top of the investigative nuvleo and brigadier Maria Luisa Giordano, who is part of the anti-violence unit.

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the numbers

234, one month after the end of the year, the complaints handled by the carabinieri: they range from the possession of child pornography (1) to stalking (2), from injuries (45) to ill-treatment (80), from sexual violence (23) sexual acts with minors (2 cases), up to the circumvention of incapacitated people (2) and 34 other unspecified crimes. Also in this 2021, 17 precautionary measures were carried out: in addition to 3 arrests and 2 cases of electronic bracelets, 7 expulsion from the family home, 4 prohibitions on approaching and communicating, an obligation to sign.

The data of the investigative nucleus of the Belluno carabinieri, directed by Lieutenant Colonel Marco Stabile, offer a mirror of the phenomenon in the entire province. In 2020 there were 2019 cases: 2 stalking, 45 personal injuries, 73 family abuse, two revenge porn, two cases of possession of pornographic material concerning minors, six sexual acts with minors; then sexual violence (29) and a circumvention of the incapable. There were 19 precautionary measures: three house arrest, one arrest, four probation, 9 prohibitions of approach and communication, an obligation to sign.

Compared to last year, 2021 sees the entry of the electronic bracelet as a measure. “On the part of the prosecutor there is a greater application of precautionary measures”, explain from the investigative team. “After the lockdown, in fact, we have not registered a spike in cases,” explains Colonel Stabile. Sensitivity is changing. As for the weapon, it pushes on cultural change, involving the children: because when you intervene on patrol, it is already late ».

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Red code to school

“The phenomenon must be countered by cultivating a culture of respect: preventing these crimes is the correct way, because when action is taken to repress, the damage has already been done and the victim has already suffered beyond what is lawful”, explains the provincial commander of the carabinieri, Colonel Francesco Rastelli, who announced the extension to the theme of gender violence of the meetings on the legality of the weapon in schools. “To raise awareness, the carabinieri will talk about gender violence in the series of meetings in high schools. We try to train citizens who are more aware of respect for the weakest and above all in respect of the role of each of us in society. The weapon already has a training program for the culture of legality in schools in partnership with the Ministry of Education. And this is an additional element inserted so that this band of very worrying crimes, given the growing numbers, can be cut with prevention and not with repression ».

“Respect must be universal towards others, especially towards the vulnerable and women, to whom the day against violence on November 25 is dedicated”, concludes the provincial headmaster Salvador.

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