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Belluno, first Vignato on the ballot paper, followed by Olivotto and De Pellegrin

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Belluno, first Vignato on the ballot paper, followed by Olivotto and De Pellegrin

The positions of candidates and list symbols have been extracted The center-left opens with Valore Comune and Belluno D +

BELLUNO. First Vignato, second Olivotto and third De Pellegrin. Draw made for the position on the ballot paper of candidates for mayor of Belluno, an operation that is always highly anticipated because the arrangement of candidates and symbols on the ballot can shift some votes. Giusepper Vignato, a center-left candidate, was the first name drawn and, among his lists, Valore Comune, Belluno D +, InMovimento and the Democratic Party will appear in the order. Together for Belluno will instead be the first list under the name of the mayor candidate Lucia Olivotto, followed by the Belluno Bene Comune list. Finally, under the name of the center-right candidate Oscar De Pellegrin, the symbol of the League will appear first, followed by the Brothers of Italy, Belluno in the center and lastly the list of Noi con Oscar.

In the next few days it will also be possible to have a facsimile of the card, with which it will be possible to understand the exact arrangement of the lines, which could all be on a single facade, or divided in two.

Belluno Raise Your Voice

In the meantime, the candidates’ meetings with the various city realities continue. On Friday, both De Pellegrin and Vignato met the young artists of Belluno Alza la voce. «Music, art and culture in general also have an educational importance. Because they allow to combat the phenomena of unease and to stem the problems among young people. Before sanctioning, it is necessary to educate », says De Pellegrin. «My method is not to impose decisions and then communicate them. First it is necessary to talk, to confront. In this sense, young people themselves are invited to come forward and bring their ideas. Because planning also means co-responsibility ». The perspective is to create a table of culture in which all those concerned can make their voices heard and express their different sensitivities: “The artists underlined the lack of continuity in terms of events and the communication problems between the people who they live in the center and among associations. In other words, coordination is needed and we are ready to guarantee it. A concert or an event is not enough, a journey to be made together with continuous meetings and appointments is necessary ».

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For Vignato: «The cultural system must be rethought. The foundations are there, but they need to be expanded and networked. To improve the Belluno cultural sector, one of the cornerstones of the community, an integrated system is needed in which educational institutions, cultural institutions (theaters, museums, libraries, archives), research bodies, associations and individual producers of culture can exchange and sharing ideas, knowledge and skills. This is what the guys from “Belluno Alza la Voce” asked us like many other protagonists of the city. And that’s what we actually had in our program. We shared these ideas with the young people, who were far-sighted in involving me as a candidate and greatly appreciated the proposals made ». Vignato intends to develop the cultural services offered by the Municipality in the containers regenerated in recent years: Palazzo Crepadona, the Theater, the Jesuit Church, the Auditorium and Palazzo Fulcis. “Only a permanent table of the Officine della Cultura between the main actors of the culture and entertainment sectors will be able to favor the birth of joint projects”.

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