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Belluno, the definitive figure: De Carlo (FdI) in the Senate, Bisa (Lega) in the Chamber

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Belluno, the definitive figure: De Carlo (FdI) in the Senate, Bisa (Lega) in the Chamber

The ballot data is definitive: the Bellunese will see in Parliament Luca DeCarlo (Brothers of Italy), confirmed in the Senate, e Ingrid Can (League) in the Chamber. The center-right coalition that lined up the mayor of Calalzo and outgoing senator De Carlo collected 316,431 votes, with 57.36 percent. The center-left coalition of Paolo Galeano. The Third Pole collects 8.34 percent with Paola Bergamosurpassing the 5 Stars that with Flavio Baldan they barely exceed 5 percent

Third pole at 8 percent in Belluno, Griguolo satisfied

Stefano De Barba

In the Chamber, the center-right candidate, Ingrid Bisa from Treviso, was elected with 91,219 votes and 54.98 percent collected by the coalition. Maria Teresa Cassol, a center-left candidate, collected 40,318 votes, or 24.30 percent. Marco Griguolo, of the Third pole of Calenda and Renzi, stopped a few fractions of a point from 8 percent, beating Elena Quaranta of the 5 Stars which collected 4.81 percent.


De Carlo was elected to the Senate with the center-right coalition made up of the Brothers of Italy (his party), Lega, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati). Mayor of Calalzo and outgoing senator, De Carlo was also a deputy, a more unique than rare case in the history of the Republic. “I am 50 years old and politics is my great passion”, says the candidate of the Brothers of Italy.

De Carlo (FdI): “I will represent the whole Belluno area in Rome”

Stefano De Barba

«I have been proudly the mayor of my town, Calalzo di Cadore, since 2009; for a couple of years I have been the regional coordinator of Fratelli d’Italia and national manager of the party’s Agriculture Department. I was elected in March 2018 to the Chamber of Deputies and, after a two-year recount that forced me to leave the seat, in September 2020 I entered the Senate of the Republic: I am the only parliamentarian in republican history to have sat in both the Chamber during the same legislature. In my private life, I am a great fan of sports, especially football and rugby ».


Lega per Salvini premier, 44, lawyer, is from Cavaso del Tomba, has been a minority councilor in his municipality, and a director of Contarina. A mandate as a deputy (2018-2022). She is considered a true Salvinian: in Rome her intense internal activity was appreciated, not only in the Justice Commission, but also in legal advice on the “hottest” issues. She was a member of both the commission of inquiry into the death of David Rossi and of the council for the authorizations to proceed.

Malacarne (Pd): “We have lost, now let’s put our hand to what doesn’t work”

Stefano De Barba

The projection

A first estimate of the elected representatives broken down by multi-member college in Veneto, published on the website of the Veneto Regional Observatory, traces the map of the seats that will be occupied by Venetian representatives. As regards the Veneto 1 college of the Chamber, the one in which the province of Belluno falls, the center-right coalition wins a total of 10 seats, 5 uninominal and 5 proportional. With one section still to be scrutinized, the single-member elected are so far Giorgia Andreuzza (Chioggia), Ingrid Can (Belluno), Dimitri Coin (Castelfranco), Martina Semenzato (Venice). At the proportional, the projection assigns 3 seats to Fratelli d’Italia, 1 to the Lega and 1 to Forza Italia: the Chamber would therefore enter Carlo Nordio, Maria Cristina Caretta e Francesco Filini (FdI), Gianangelo Bof (League) e Piergiorgio Cortellazzo (Forza Italy)

The same projection assigns 2 seats to the Democratic Party in the Veneto 1 college, and also assigns 1 seat to Action – Italia viva: the seats will therefore go, in list order, to Rachele Scarpa e Piero Fassino (Pd) e a Valentina Grippo (Action)

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