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Belluno, they leave 1.7 million to the parish and associations

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Belluno, they leave 1.7 million to the parish and associations

The Salesian oratory of the Don Bosco parish in Belluno

The testament of Maria Alberta Da Rold and Alfonso Giazzon: properties to Lilt and 300 thousand euros each to Aism Belluno, Provincial Committee of Understanding, via di Natale di Aviano and to the Don Bosco parish

BELLUNO. An act of love and generosity towards volunteering and the parish. A gesture, that of the spouses Maria Alberta Da Rold Belluno, known as Berta, and Alfonso Giazzon (she passed away on 11 May 2021, he in 1988), which allocates 1.7 million euros in cash and real estate to the Don Bosco parish and to four associations. A property in Borgo Piave and one in Nevegal go to Lilt (League for the fight against cancer) for a value of about half a million; three hundred thousand euros each to Aism Belluno (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association), Provincial Committee of Understanding, Via di Natale non-profit organization in Aviano as well as to the parish. In the will there are also provisions in favor of some relatives and the caregiver.

The communication was given symbolically on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Maria Alberta Da Rold. All in the grateful presence of the testamentary executor and friend Maria Teresa Bortoluzzi, the president of the Committee of Understanding Gianluca Corsetti and the representatives of the beneficiaries of this donation, this demonstration of extreme affection for those who work in the world of volunteering.

Maria Alberta Da Rold Belluno, known as Berta, who passed away on 11 May 2021, and her husband Alfonso Giazzon, who passed away in 1988

Born in Belluno on February 2, 1926, she was hired at INPS very young during the Second World War, where she remained until July 1, 1973. She married Alfonso Giazzon on September 4, 1948, remaining a widow in 1988. Faithful to her native village, she maintained residence in Borgo Pra, where she built her house with her husband Alfonso. She loved knitting and crochet and made precious works, which she then generously gave to her closest friends.

He has always lived with simplicity, with constant dedication to charitable works. She promptly took care of relations with the church, in particular that of San Giuseppe, and has always been sensitive to the problems of the poor, whom she helped assiduously, especially the little ones.

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