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Berlusconi: “If Draghi goes to the Quirinale Forza Italia will not support other governments, we go to the vote”. Read at Metropolis live: “Grave words”

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“I think Berlusconi will deny those words, which are said and said reported. If they were really said they would be very serious, I’m sure they will be denied. The timing is deeply wrong. ” The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, said this in a video interview on “Metropolis”, live on La Stampa and on all the sites of all the newspapers of the Gedi Group.

Enrico Letta shows all his amazement in front of that “Berlusconi to his people” who seems to open a challenge between the Cavaliere and the premier. “Many do not like Draghi and many would not vote for him anyway because his election would mean early elections, vote now”, is the sentence that the president of Forza Italia would have let slip in some private conversations.

«Berlusconi is a party leader, therefore he is divisive, like me, Salvini, Conte. A party leader is divisive by definition, “says the Pd secretary who believes what happened to open hostilities, a wrong choice in method and substance. First of all for the timing: when anonymous sources circulate the former prime minister’s off, the press conference of Prime Minister Draghi on vaccines and the reopening of schools has just begun.

Quirinale, Letta: “Berlusconi’s words on Draghi al Colle are very serious if true, the wall against the wall is wrong”

Secondly for the content: Letta and with him the Democratic Party has been working for some time to create the conditions for a shared path that leads to the election of a field of the State that can be a true guarantor of the Constitution, in the wake traced in recent years. by Sergio Mattarella.

And, speaking of the outgoing president, Letta lets out a sigh. «One of my fortunes is that of knowing Sergio Mattarella for many years, I have learned a lot from him. The day he left the Quirinale I would be sad because he carried out his function in the best possible way. I’ll stop here », says the secretary interviewed during the Metropolis podcast. In any case, the high road for the Democratic Party remains that of «sharing and unity.

The dem leader thus anticipates the content of his speech to the party secretariat that will meet tomorrow morning and of the one in management, on January 13th. But it is from Berlusconi that we must start since it is the Cavaliere who represents the bottleneck in this start of the game: «I think Berlusconi will deny those words. These are words that if they were actually said would be very serious. I’m sure he didn’t say them “, repeats the secretary who observes:” The timing is profoundly wrong: Draghi’s press conference today emphasized two words, trust and unity. And I put the emphasis on the word ‘unity’ because we have very important weeks ahead of us and this is not the time for a confrontation. Whoever unleashes the wall against the wall assumes his responsibilities ». No wall to wall, then. Also because – is the secretary’s conviction – no one can be sure of winning, given the numbers on the field. “I say this very clearly. Nobody can claim to have its own president of the Republic because this is a parliament that is the sum of so many weaknesses, the sum of so many minorities. The president or the president of the Republic can only go out of a shared path, with everyone’s effort “.

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