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Biden believes that Iran’s attack on Israel will come very soon

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Biden believes that Iran’s attack on Israel will come very soon

The American president, Joe Bidenconsidered this Friday that Iran’s eventual attack on Israeli targets will come “sooner rather than later” and asked Tehran not carry it out.

In a speech at the National Action Network Convention, the Democratic president stressed that Washington is committed to the defense of Israel.

“We will support Israel. We will help defend Israel. Iran “He won’t get it,” he said.

Everything indicates that the US is preparing

This same Friday, the White House considered that Iran’s threats against Israel are “credible” and promised to guarantee the security of the Jewish State in the event of an attack by Tehran.

“We are monitoring it very, very closely. “We still consider that the potential threat from Iran is real, it is certainly credible,” said the National Security Council spokesman, John Kirbyin a telephone press conference.

The spokesperson added that the Administration of Joe Biden is in contact with the Israeli Government so that “they have everything they need” to defend themselves in the event of an attack.

USA is increasing its troops in the Middle East to prepare for a possible Iranian attack against Israeli or Western targets, the media indicated this Friday USA Today.

That offensive could take place “very soon and without prior warning,” he added on his website, citing two unidentified senior officials.

The newspaper The Wall Street Journal He had also announced this Friday that Israel is preparing for a possible attack by Iran that could occur as soon as this Friday or Saturday. That newspaper, however, cited another source according to which the Iranian government continues to discuss plans to attack Israel and has not made a final decision.

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Iran and Israel, a tension that watches the world

Tensions between Israel and Iran have increased after an attack attributed to the Israeli Army against the Iranian consulate in Damascus killed seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard last week, in addition to destroying the building attached to the Tehran embassy, ​​which was the residence of the Iranian ambassador.

The secretary of US State, Antony Blinkenhas held a round of calls in the last few hours with his counterparts from Türkiye, China y Saudi Arabia to try to dissuade Iran from launching an attack against Israel. EFE

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