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The cover of Diario PERFIL for this Saturday, April 13, 2024

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The cover of Diario PERFIL for this Saturday, April 13, 2024

Below we offer a review of the main titles of the 1920th edition of Diario PERFIL, from this Saturday, April 13, 2024, an issue that is accompanied this weekend by 3 supplements that cover the most varied topics, both informative and entertaining: Shows, El Observador and Buenos Aires Times:

Inflation was 11% in March and accumulated 51.6% in the first quarter. Due to the sharp drop in consumption, the index slowed down again. The latest data was even lower than the market expected and the Government is approaching the single-digit target. The area that increased the most was education, 52.7%. Communications and electricity also had an impact, as a result of the rate increase. Food rose 10.5%, below the general price level. In the last twelve months, inflation amounts to 287.9%. They are data from Indec.

“Soulmates”. This is how the ambassador in Washington, Gerardo Werthein, described the meeting, yesterday in Texas, between Javier Milei and Elon Musk, the second fortune on the planet. “We are heading towards an exciting and inspiring future!” Musk posted on his X network.

Union funds and 20 million workers, behind the government-CGT fight.

Basic basket. A family needed $773,385 in March to avoid falling into poverty.

Violence in Rosario: Bullrich is threatened with a narcomanta. “We are going to leave Buenos Aires black,” he says.

Tomás Rebord, from YouTube to the novel. Presents Comments on the Naucrato at the Fair.

Pope’s trips to Polynesia and Asia announced: And Argentina?

Estudiantes settled in and made it difficult for Boca to qualify. They beat him 1-0 in La Plata.

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