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Big box office at BBVA bank in Neiva

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Big box office at BBVA bank in Neiva

One of the BBVA bank headquarters, on 1G #4-27 Río del Oro street, downtown Neiva, was the target of an assault on Monday morning.

In an event that has dismayed the community, the BBVA Río del Oro Bank, located in the Los Almendros neighborhood, was the scene of a blockbuster this morning, December 4, 2023, around 10:50 am.

The radio station issued an alert to the authorities reporting a possible theft attempt at the financial institution. Authorities immediately rushed to the scene to address the situation.

According to known information, an individual with a closed black helmet and a red jacket had entered. This guy, wearing a firearmintimidated the cashiers and took an approximate amount of $12’000.000 cash. Subsequently, he fled the scene in the company of another individual who was waiting for him at the door, boarding a motorcycle.

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The authorities, in collaboration with the bank, are reviewing the recordings of the cameras of security for more information about the suspects and the getaway vehicle. These elements are expected to provide crucial clues for the identification and capture of those responsible.

The community is on alert, and anyone who may have information about the incident is urged to contact local authorities. The National Police has deployed an operation to find the whereabouts of the criminals and recover the stolen money.

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