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Bochum fire brigade rescues two residents from a burning apartment

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Bochum fire brigade rescues two residents from a burning apartment

There was a fire in an apartment building in Bochum-Werne. A total of six people were affected, four of whom were hospitalized.

In Bochum-Wernein the street “Am Leweken 14”, has the early Friday evening a Fire in an apartment building happened. The two-story home was affected by flames that had spread from an upstairs apartment through the balcony to the roof. Total were six people affected by the fire from which four to nearby hospitals were brought.

Around 6:40 p.m., an attentive neighbor and the Bochum police the fire department. Since, according to the fire service report, the stairwell was filled with smoke and it was unclear whether other people were in danger, units from all fire and rescue stations and the volunteer fire brigade immediately went to the scene.

Fire in Bochum: Rescued residents inform the fire brigade about another person

The emergency services were able to rescue one person from the apartment. This informed the fire brigade that there was another person in the apartment. Two teams wearing respiratory protection were immediately sent into the building to rescue the missing person. At the same time, the fire brigade fought the fire at the back of the building with a jet pipe from the outside to prevent it from spreading further.

According to the report, a short time later they rescued another person from the fire apartment and handed them over to the rescue service. They also found a dog in the home that was unharmed because it was in the bathroom unaffected by the smoke. The other apartments were checked by other emergency services. Two people were in neighboring apartments upstairs but were not in danger. They were cared for by the emergency services and medically examined.

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Fire under control after about 20 minutes

Two other people had already left the building before the fire brigade arrived and were also treated by the rescue service. After about 20 minutes it was reported that the fire was under control. The fire brigade’s response lasted until around 9:15 p.m.

Stadtwerke Bochum checked the electricity, water and gas supplies and had to temporarily shut them down. The fire apartment is currently not habitable, while the other apartments can still be used. The investigation into the cause of the fire was handed over to the Bochum police. (Red.)

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