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Bolsena is colored for the Corpus Domini – Lazio

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Bolsena is colored for the Corpus Domini – Lazio

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 11 – Bolsena dresses in colors for the Corpus Domini floral display. That of the small town near Viterbo is one of the most beautiful floral displays in all of Lazio.

Hundreds of locals worked all night to prepare the characteristic floral path on which the Corpus Christi procession then passed.

Many tourists arrived from all over the province to admire the more than fifty works rigorously created with flower petals, salt, sand and other natural materials.

The drawings, all with a religious theme, were made along a route which, starting from the church of Santa Caterina, wound through the small streets of the town up to the Monaldeschi di Cervara fortress, known by the people of Bolseno as the castle. Among the most beautiful works created the one near the Florentine gate which depicted a view of the city surmounted by the fortress.

At 6 pm the Corpus Domini procession concluded the religious event. (HANDLE).

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