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Bomb under the Delizia bridge, 22 people evacuated: trains stop, SS13 closed to traffic. All updates

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Bomb under the Delizia bridge, 22 people evacuated: trains stop, SS13 closed to traffic.  All updates

The defusing operations of the American aircraft bomb, model M-34, found in the days on the bed of the Tagliamento river began early. The area was evacuated and 22 people had to leave their homes. Stop to railway traffic and along the Ss13. All updates

Update 8.15. The bomb clearing operations were completed as scheduled. The fuse is the device designed to cause the explosion of artillery shells, aircraft bombs or missiles to which it is applied. Thirty minutes of verification will have to pass from the moment of despolection to ensure that the operations have been successfully completed. Around nine o’clock the bomb will be transported to the place chosen for the blasting.

Update 7.50 am. Railway traffic on the Venice-Udine line between Casarsa and Codroipo closed. The last train passed at 7.47. The timetables of the replacement buses have been updated on the Trenitalia website.

Update at 7.30. The ss13, at the Coseat junction with deviations on Dignano and Madrisio, is closed to traffic: proceed towards the closure of the road in the other critical areas of the evacuation area.

The SS13 closed to traffic due to the defusing of the bomb

Update 7.20. There are 23 civil protection operators who assisted families in evacuation operations. The volunteers verified that all residents of the area left the house

The discovery of the bomb

The discovery by a company that was carrying out work on the railway lines near the bridge. The defusing operation will start at 8 am. Once the first phase is completed, the bomb will be transported downstream, on the bed of the Tagliamento river, where it will be made to shine.

The American aircraft bomb, model M-34 weighs 900 kilograms

How long will the evacuation last

The mayor, Guido Nardini then issued an order that provides for the evacuation of citizens and the evacuation of the area for about an hour and a half. The local police will also be present on site with some civil protection volunteers who will guard the area ensuring that the intervention is carried out in maximum safety.

The suspended trains

From 8 to 9.30 the railway line from Casarsa to Codroipo is suspended. Reti Ferroviarie Italiane makes it known that the trains will be canceled, deviations and timetable changes and that it will not be possible to activate a replacement bus service between the two locations, as the same stretch along the Pontebbana road is expected to close.

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