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Bona: Pat disregarded on the Altanon “The city has chosen trade”

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The architect was a consultant in the drafting of the document: “Center moved, pedestrian area useless”

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«The backbones of the Pat have been disregarded. The choice has been made for an industrial and commercial city and it is to be hoped that the Altano will work, and work well, for the good of the city ». At the time, the architect Andrea Bona was a consultant in the drafting of the Pat signed by the architect Franco Mancuso. Which, having taken note of the building will for the Altanon, had set two stakes: the maintenance of a cone that would allow the view of the citadel and the creation of a green path with a network of urban parks to connect the area to the city center and to the citadel university.

pat disregarded

«Both the main pillars of the Pat have been disregarded. At this point ”, comments the architect Bona,“ we must take note that it has been decided to move the vital center of the city to the Altanon. Those who arrive in Feltre will find a shopping center with large windows as a business card and no longer a view of the historic center. The visual cone has been closed. The most commercial part of the complex faces the railway station. We must take note of the new situation, rethink the urban planning of the city and focus on the Altanon, hoping that it will work as an attractive pole ».

useless pedestrian area

The shift of the center towards the Altanon leads Bona to reflect on the role of the current city center: «At this point», adds the professional, «I wonder what the current pedestrian area can be used for. Largo Castaldi and via XXXI Ottobre are destined to become marginal compared to the Altanon. So why keep an area that is in a marginal situation closed to traffic by facilitating flows to the Altanon where users will find roads and parking. It seems to me an excessive penalty ».

reduce the landscape constraint

Bona starts from the concept of industrial and commercial city: «Whoever arrives at the station finds the Altanon, whoever arrives from Seren del Grappa sees the Le Torri shopping center. At this point it is better to put your hand to the constraint and reduce it. The tools are there. Just as the city has been designed, it no longer makes sense. The compromise reached to create the Altanon was heavy from a landscape point of view. I hope that some precautions have been taken by obtaining counterparts ».

Perspective to be saved

«There is one left», says architect Andrea Bona, «and it is the one from Col Marcellon, which is still beautiful. Let’s save at least that one ». –

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