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The appeal of a doctor from Eppan “Young and undecided, get vaccinated”

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The appeal of a doctor from Eppan

Dr. Daniela Papaccioli

The appeal of a doctor from Eppan

“Young and undecided, get vaccinated”

Doctor Papaccioli is on the front line against Covid – “The pandemic is not over, there are still people who are dying”

«Please, get vaccinated. The virus does not go on vacation. There are people in intensive care who are dying. The vaccine would have saved them from the most severe forms of the disease ». It is the heartfelt appeal of the doctor Daniela Papaccioli – 46 years old, general practitioner for 21 years, with surgery in Appiano Gentile – engaged in the front line in the fight against the virus.

He is among the family doctors who have made themselves available to vaccinate at the Lurate Caccivio hub, where every week he covers the morning shift from 8 to 14, carrying out an average of 150 vaccinations (if first doses), which rise to 200 with the second doses.

An active commitment in favor of the vaccination campaign that still sees people uncertain about the goodness and safety of the vaccine and afraid of the possibility that it could cause important adverse reactions.

It is above all to them that he addresses an open letter.

«I would like to make a heartfelt and desperate appeal to all those who have not yet undergone the anti-Covid vaccine. In the history of this pandemic, every doctor remembers having faced so many difficult situations to diagnose and treat this terrible disease. In some cases, Covid-19 behaves in a particularly sneaky way and endangers people’s lives – writes the doctor – In these days, my every thought is directed to a dearest client of mine who is in the intensive care unit to fight for the his life. Right now, in the summer, when everyone is thinking about holidays and a well-deserved rest, there are people who are becoming seriously ill due to this pandemic ».

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The complete article in La Provincia on newsstands today, 30 July

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