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Bridge “Villa Diablo” became a pier in Cali

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Bridge “Villa Diablo” became a pier in Cali

On the South Eastern Highway with 26th street, on the bridge called: Villa del Diablo, a woman in an attempted robbery was injured with a bullet impact.

According to an investigation by the authorities, the citizen victim of this attack was riding a motorcycle when she was intercepted by a subject who tried to steal it.

In the midst of the struggle and attempts to defend the victim, the attacker shot the woman with a firearm and then fled the scene.

With a video, the authorities seek to determine the identity of the person responsible to proceed with his capture.

Given the repeated acts of insecurity and robberies suffered by this sector of the capital of the Valley, the citizens demand a greater presence of the authorities in this place.

The mayor of commune 9 of Cali, Mónica Ramírez, based on this situation, sent a direct message to the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina:

“We call on the Mayor’s Office and the different security instances in our city, to install the security cameras that were already denied in a trade, from the month of November of last year by the Security and Justice Unit. The right to well-being, integrity and security are fundamental, ”he emphasized.

It should be noted that Cali has more than 2,000 security cameras run by the Metropolitan Police; according to councilor Tania Fernández Sánchez, 1,199 would be out of service.

This position was denied by Jimmy Dranguet, Cali’s Secretary of Security and Justice, assuring that, by carrying out maintenance, the surveillance network reaches 90% capacity.

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