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“Calladita mejor”: They point out a renowned sports journalist as macho

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“Calladita mejor”: They point out a renowned sports journalist as macho

A new case of alleged machismo falls on the circle of Colombian sports journalism, after the renowned announcer Diego Saviola, director of the radio program Deportes sin Tabujoswas publicly accused of having belittled a colleague of his live for not knowing a fact about the iconic Mexican rock band Caifanes.

The complaint was made by the sports journalist Daniela Rojas, who published the moment in which Saviola would have verbally attacked Alejandra Ramírez in a program broadcast live. An extract of just a few seconds in which the journalist yells at his partner for talking about Caifanespresuming that she knows nothing about the gang.

To prove his point, Diego Saviola asked his journalist if she knew what country Caifanes is from, to which she replied “I don’t know.” Immediately afterwards, the director of the program raised his tone and told him that in his program he will not be able to speak without knowing about the issues and being live, he scolded her in front of everyone, while some of his tablemates defended her from the attacks.

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“Alejandra, you don’t talk about what you don’t know. You don’t even know where Caifanes is from, when you speak you have to speak with arguments. If you have no idea where the rock band is from, excuse me, don’t talk about rock in Spanish”said Saviola somewhat angrily, to the astonishment of his tablemates.

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