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Cauca Sectional Red Cross presented Surrender of Shares – news

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Cauca Sectional Red Cross presented Surrender of Shares – news

It is a non-profit institution that accompanies and serves all communities through different programs.

This December, the Cauca Sectional Colombian Red Cross is commemorating 55 years of foundation, during which time it has worked in solidarity for the communities of the department.

Within the framework of this celebration, at a press conference, the president of the institution, Alejandra Velasco Simmonds and the executive director, Alexander Sánchez, presented the Actions completed in the first half of 2023.

The Cauca Sectional Red Cross, which was born at the initiative of Payanese doctors Julio Perafán Fajardo and Juan Jacobo Muñoz Delgado, has a direct presence in 18 municipalities of the department, but even reaches very remote areas that do not have the presence of the State. Its 546 active volunteers work with myth for their fellow citizens, such as the Youth, Gray Ladies and First Aid groups that impact the communities with their positive actions.

Alexander Sánchez, executive director of the Cauca Red Cross, at the press conference.

“We are one of the main actors dedicated to the protection, prevention and social well-being of the most vulnerable populations in the department, developing humanitarian actions,” President Velasco Simmonds said in her introduction.

For this private entity, but auxiliary to public power, the Law allows the management of state resources as an operator of the articulation of actions with the private sector in the development of activities, projects and programs with common objectives that respond to social benefit. , under the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity and universality.

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In the administrative part, this section only has 14 collaborators in the department, humanitarian tasks are carried out with volunteer personnel, as appropriate, to attend to the mission in areas such as education, peace building and risk management, which includes environmental aspects.

The president of the Colombian Red Cross Cauca Section, Alejandra Velasco Simmonds and the team of collaborators of that institution.

Through the support of strategic allies and cooperators, during the first half of 2023 the Cauca Red Cross attended to the massive arrival of the migrant population to Popayán and its surroundings; The program “Strengthening Communities for Peace” was advanced, with benefits through actions to those reincorporated, to the rural and urban population in the municipality of Caldono. He advanced the management program for the protection of the Medical Mission, a project developed in the municipalities of Santa Rosa, San Sebastián, Almaguer, La Vega, La Sierra, Rosas, Totoró-Gabriel López and Sotará. He also made an intervention in Piendamó and the María Oeste neighborhood of Popayán. Recently, the “Echo” project began in Balboa and Algeria with influence in rural areas for health care of its inhabitants.

Business‘ s units

For its support, the Cauca Sectional Colombian Red Cross has Business Units, including the first-level IPS, located on the first floor of its headquarters in the Bolívar neighborhood of Popayán, where it provides various services at reasonable prices. Likewise, it teaches continuing training courses to the general public, in person or virtually; It also attends massive events with its volunteers. The resources received for these concepts are reinvested in services to the community.

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