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CEL executes a project to repair the slab of the turbid water discharge channel

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CEL executes a project to repair the slab of the turbid water discharge channel

The Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) has been carrying out the project to repair the discharge channel ramp for the two turbines of the 15 de Septiembre Hydroelectric Power Plant, since its construction in the 1980s. It is also simultaneously carrying out the works stabilization projects on the slope downstream of the right bank, which have made significant progress and are expected to be completed next May.

According to the autonomous company, the project is carried out with its own funds in the order of $11 million; and both construction and supervision are in charge of local companies.

To maintain the environmental flow during this period of the year, during the repair of the discharge channel, water will be transferred from the reservoir through 4 of the 8 spillway gates in a controlled and continuous manner, to maintain the downstream ecosystem unchanged. .

The works will provide greater stability to the slope of the right bank and with this we guarantee the
dam safety. Due to the deterioration of the concrete slab due to its continuous operation over the years, a gully was formed under it, putting the turbinated water outlet structure at risk of a sinkhole, which could cause the forced stoppage of the Central and other damages if it is not repaired preventively.

The repair of the discharge channel will be carried out by placing tens of cubic meters of an anti-washing concrete fill in the gully that has been formed under the slab of said channel; as well as in the ditch formed in the bed of the river downstream of the slab of said channel; in order to restore the design hydraulic profile, and prolong its useful life.

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While the works are being carried out on the river bed, the powerhouse will be used to perform major maintenance on Unit No. 1, which consists of biennial preventive maintenance on the main and auxiliary equipment, that is, the generator, turbine, excitation, speed regulator, power transformer, intake, and pumping systems, among others; during that time, in Unit No. 2, a general inspection of the entire unit will be carried out to project its integral maintenance, also known as Overhaul* in the dry season 2024-2025, similar to the work carried out in U1 in 2013-2014.

Hydroelectric Plant September 15.

It consists of a 57.2 meter high rock fill dam, a concrete spillway with 8 gates, an integral intake and a surface powerhouse.

The term Overhaul refers to an in-depth treatment of each piece of the Unit, to leave it in optimal conditions. It is a regenerative process that encompasses all the components

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