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Trejocho, the singer from Cali launched Chabrocho, VÉ! His second single from the relaunch of his artistic career, in this proposal he fuses once again the urban essence of the Dance Hall genre with salsa and Rap, as well as a play on words with the phoneme CH, which, added to the flow and flavor of Cali, do not clash with the dembow at the same time that it settles down with güiro and campana, which aims to pay homage to the Cali expressions, their dialect, inspired by the representative colloquial words both in the Colombian territory and in Cali, in order to rescue and promote the permanence of popular knowledge.

This single is released in collaboration with the singer Héctor Rodríguez, known as Canelo Rodríguez and is produced on Granada Latin Records, by Santiago Cardona known as Shikiman Lil Fyah Produce, it is distributed by Dynasty INC for more than 200 digital platforms.

CABROCHO, TICKET! shows the experience and continuous evolution of El Trejocho to create new sounds, messages of joy, as well as cultural and ethnic empowerment.

Jean Paul Pizarro Colorado “El Trejocho” was born in 1993 in the city of Cali and grew up in a popular neighborhood called La Fortaleza. From the age of 8 he felt attracted to the arts and singing, especially to the urban genre, through the years, up to the present, he has been interested in evolving and innovating based on his innate/empirical and technical talents. .

As an artist, El Trejocho wants to make the most of the versatility, talent and flavor that characterizes the people of Cali, through new proposals in fusion with other genres and embracing the new musical trends that today enrich us culturally and expand a musical panorama for us. position Cali and Colombia as a source of creation and inspiration.

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