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Chen Yuli, a young Taiwanese student who dropped out of school to “land” to start a business, felt the adventure and warmth – China News Service

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Taiwanese Student Drops Out of School to Start Business in Mainland China

Chen Yuli, a young Taiwanese student, made the bold decision to drop out of school in order to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in mainland China. After six years of hard work and dedication, Yuli’s venture, Shanghai Yingxu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., is coming to fruition in an inconspicuous factory building in Jiading, Shanghai.

When Yuli was diagnosed with severe diabetes in junior high school, he knew that his life was more fragile and tense than others, which prompted him to actively make changes. He carefully planned his future, choosing a college with exchange opportunities with mainland universities and participating in cross-strait youth entrepreneurship exchange and training events.

After completing an internship with an e-sports company in Shanghai, Yuli decided to take a two-year break from school to start his entrepreneurial adventure. Over the past six years, his projects have expanded from single campus e-sports activities to international e-sports events, brand planning, and e-sports clothing design.

However, Yuli’s journey in mainland China hasn’t just been about business. He has also experienced the warmth of family, finding affordable accommodation in talent apartments and being invited by mainland friends to experience local culture during holidays.

Yuli’s entrepreneurial journey has also led him to give speeches at his alma mater in Taiwan, where he encourages students to pursue their dreams, whether in Taiwan or mainland China. He has even provided employment opportunities for Taiwanese students to come to Shanghai and has set up a WeChat public account to provide information and support for their transition.

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In reflecting on his journey, Yuli encourages others to take the leap and experience the unknown. “Nothing is a problem here. What is missing is that you have the courage to take this step. Only after experiencing it will you know whether it is good or not, and you will understand will you regret it?”

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