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China International Import Expo 2021 Opens in Shanghai: Showcasing Global Achievements in Trade and Technology

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The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) commenced today in Shanghai, attracting guests from 154 countries, regions, and international organizations. The event, which features six exhibition halls with various themes and special areas, showcases new products and technologies from around the world.

The China Pavilion, located in the national exhibition area, is the first stop for many visitors. This year, the pavilion has been expanded to 2,500 square meters, its largest size ever. With the theme of “New Achievements in Chinese Modernization Provide New Opportunities for the World,” the pavilion highlights China’s achievements in high-level opening up and high-quality development in the new era. One of the highlights is the China-Europe trains, which have operated more than 78,000 trains in the past decade, reaching 25 European countries.

The Finland Pavilion, situated near the China Pavilion, showcases Finnish delicacies, wood products, and saunas, reflecting the country’s national culture. Finland, known for its high forest coverage, displays a concept version of its sauna, which has been listed as part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The CIIE also features five guest countries, including Honduras, Kazakhstan, Serbia, South Africa, and Vietnam, which provide a glimpse into their respective cultures. A total of 69 countries and three international organizations participated in the national exhibition, with 64 countries co-building the Belt and Road Initiative.

The food and agricultural products exhibition area displays new technologies and products focused on sustainability. Notably, drought-resistant rice that saves water and fertilizer and reduces carbon emissions is showcased. Another highlight is a concept product that turns waste fruits into leather using innovative biosynthesis technology.

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The technical equipment exhibition area showcases high-end intelligent equipment that aims to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. For example, a robot demonstrated at the exhibition can accurately open blind boxes, minimizing the need for sorting and storage processes in logistics companies.

Apart from the six-day exhibition, Shanghai has established a year-round display and trading platform, known as “6+365.” These platforms connect the overflow benefits of the CIIE and serve as a venue to sell and display CIIE products. The Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port and the Hongqiao Imported Commodity Display and Trading Center are two key platforms that have experienced significant growth over the past five years, both in terms of the number of national pavilions and imported products.

The emphasis on green and environmentally friendly products, as well as the integration of intelligent technologies across various sectors, is a notable trend observed at both platforms. Products with eco-friendly packaging and sustainable materials, as well as intelligent devices controlled by artificial intelligence, are showcased.

The CIIE and its year-round trading platforms play a crucial role in promoting international trade and facilitating global cooperation. As the event continues, visitors can expect to explore more cutting-edge technologies and experience the changing landscape of global trade.

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