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Colorful Highlights: Gansu Delegation Shines at National Vocational Skills Competition

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Unique and Colorful Highlights – The Booth of the Gansu Delegation in the Second National Vocational Skills Competition Attracted Attention

On September 16, the second National Vocational Skills Competition began in Tianjin, and the booth of the Gansu delegation stole the show with its original design and numerous highlights.

Stepping into the Gansu delegation’s booth, visitors were greeted by the aroma of meat emanating from a copper pot. The ramen master skillfully kneaded the dough, stretching and pulling it until it reached the perfect thickness, before placing it into boiling water. Guests lined up eagerly, eager to witness the making of authentic Lanzhou beef noodles and indulge in their delectable taste.

One of the visitors, Wang Yiwen from Henan, captured the process of noodle making and pulling on camera. He expressed that eating beef noodles is not just about enjoying a delicious meal, but also about experiencing the spiritual joy that comes from watching the mastery of ramen making.

At the Dunhuang Academy booth, lifelike Dunhuang clay sculptures and wood carvings captivated the audience. Cute fabric cartoon dolls, Dunhuang picture albums, 3D paper sculptures, books, and water cups showcased the academy’s commitment to bringing cultural relics closer to ordinary people. Li Bo, a restorer of ancient painted sculpture murals, exemplified dedication and precision as he meticulously diagnosed and treated a mural. Inspired by his work, Su Jiahui, a student at the Tianjin Training Center, expressed her desire to learn from Li Bo’s rigorous and hardworking spirit.

Demonstrating their commitment to cultivating skilled talent, Gansu created a dedicated area for the display and exchange of skilled talent training work. The exhibition boards of Baiyin Group, Jinchuan Group, Lanshi Group, Bailey Vocational College, and Lanzhou Vocational and Technical University of Resources and Environment attracted the attention of staff and observers from neighboring provinces’ human resources and social security departments, vocational and technical colleges, and corporate units.

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Lanshi Group’s emphasis on training high-quality technical and skilled personnel has yielded a solid foundation for the development of the group. Baiyin Group utilized the skills competition to enhance employees’ skills and quality, providing a platform for knowledge acquisition, skill practice, and overall improvement. Jinchuan Group incorporated a mentor-disciple training model to cultivate a team of industrial workers who are knowledgeable, innovative, and responsible. Peili Vocational College focused on strengthening base construction and innovating skilled talent training models. Lanzhou Vocational and Technical University of Resources and Environment has successfully hosted various vocational college skills competitions and received numerous awards.

From preserving traditional craftsmanship to offering modern and convenient services, skilled talent plays an indispensable role. Gansu arrived at the competition prepared to showcase their skills and technology.

– New Gansu·Gansu Daily reporter Wen Jie

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