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Contractor accidentally goes through the facade of an apartment building during demolition works in Blankenberge (Blankenberge)

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Blankenberge –

An apartment building on the Zeedijk has been temporarily declared completely uninhabitable. During the demolition of an adjacent building, a contractor accidentally went straight through the facade. At least four floors suffered damage. “We are looking for shelter for two permanent residents,” says police commissioner Jan Maertens.

It was quite a shock for the residents of an apartment building on the corner of Zeedijk and Verstraetehelling. Four floors suffered damage to the rear facade of the building during the demolition of an old adjacent building. According to our information, this happened because due to an old construction error, both buildings were only separated by one wall instead of the usual two. And that became painfully clear on Monday during these demolition works. (read more below the photo)

The Verstraete slope was already closed for the demolition works. — © jve

Rear facade struts

The yard was immediately shut down and the police arrived on the scene. They in turn notified the Urban Planning Department of Blankenberge. It was briefly feared that the entire rear facade would collapse, but that turned out not to be the case. “The first four floors of the existing apartment building were initially declared unsuitable,” said Jan Maertens, commissioner of the local police Blankenberge/Zuienkerke. Later in the day, mayor Björn Prasse (Open VLD) declared the entire building uninhabitable.

“The safety of the residents is now our first priority,” Maertens continues. “The contractor will quickly shore up the rear facade, and repair work will also be carried out to make the building completely rain and windproof. In addition to shoring work, the condition of the building and what needs to be done will now also be examined.”

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Rooms exposed to the street side

This mainly concerns holiday apartments. “There are a total of two permanent residents who have to leave their apartment,” says Maertens. “Appropriate shelter is now being sought for them.

The Verstraete slope remains completely closed, but that was already the case before the incident took place in the context of the demolition works.

© jve

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