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Corsa al Quirinale: everything you need to know about the choice of the President of the Republic

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The race to the Quirinale begins with the great voters who will be called to vote starting from 20 January 2021 to elect Sergio Mattarella’s successor.

Il Sole 24 Ore follows this long political phase with a series of in-depth analyzes.

“Corsa al Quirinale”: the weekly video appointment

Every week an appointment with Alberto Orioli, deputy director of Sole 24 Ore and author of the podcast series and of the book “12 Presidents”, together with a series of guests, will discuss the alliances of the parties and the possible choices in view of the election of the 13 ° President of the Republic.
(embed the first episode here)

Here all the episodes of the series (link to the series)

12 Presidents: The Podcast Exclusive to Audible

Twelve Presidents is a podcast on the life of the Presidents of the Republic who have succeeded each other in 75 years of republican history at the Quirinale that you can listen to exclusively on Audible and on 24+. They are stories, not history. They are tales of as many exceptional lives spent, for one reason or another, in always exceptional times. Because the young Italian Republic contains within itself the adventure of a country that from agricultural becomes a manufacturing and industrial power, now firmly in second place in Europe after Germany; the experience of an ideological borderland at the time of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain in Europe because it knows the epic of the largest Communist Party on the continent; the tragedies of a land tormented by the mafias, never too far from a subversive drift of the diverted secret services and from external forces always interested in destabilizing a country that is crucial in the creation of the new European identity.

Twelve Presidents: the book

The lives of the twelve Presidents are a journey through the history of Italy as it is seen flowing from the Quirinal Palace. The story of a power that doesn’t want to be. But there is. And it weighs. The Head of State is, above all, a person and brings character, inclinations, beliefs and culture into the role. Which are his and hers alone. Did you know, for example, that a quarter of the presidents were monarchists?

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