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Cortina, green light from the services conference at the Curling center

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All opinions are in favor of the 3.5 million project that will concern the Olimpico. If the process goes smoothly, the facility could be ready by 2023

CORTINA. Favorable opinions in the services conference to approve the project for the curling center and warehouses at the Olympic stadium. At the meeting yesterday morning in the town hall there were, in presence and connected, the commissioner for the works of the World Championships Valerio Toniolio, the mayor Gianpietro Ghedina, the deputy Luigi Alverà and the representatives of the Region, Superintendence, Province, Federghiaccio, Italian Paralympic Committee, Cortina curling committees and designers. The technical and economic feasibility project for the construction of the Curling Center for the amount of 3.5 million is under consideration. The project is part of the fourth level of works planned for the 2021 World Cup, managed by Government Commissioner Valerio Toniolo, thanks to the integration made on June 15 by Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali. Now the Province, which acts as the contracting station, will announce the tender for the executive design, there will be further validation of the executive design and then the tenders for the works. Administrative procedures are expected to be finished by the autumn. Yesterday’s conference is an important step forward for a project that has been awaited for years. The many fans of this sport in Cortina have been without their center since 2014 and play at the Olympic stadium on two tracks that have been created by the Municipality. Servizi Ampezzo, a fully municipal company, received a mandate from the Municipality, in June 2016, to take care of the project that involved the creation of a Curling center at the Olimpico in the current empty space between the back of the hockey players’ benches and the windows. where until a few years ago there were the temporary metal stands. In May of last year, the project was also revised in light of the fact that Cortina, for the 2026 Olympics, will organize curling competitions. The project drawn up for SeAm by engineer Felice Gaiardo and architect Francesco Riva (of RStudio Professionisti Associati of Caprile) provides for the creation of three curling tracks under the external plate of the Olympic stadium; there will also be a redevelopment of the areas dedicated to the stadium’s warehouses.

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“The conference went very well”, says Mayor Ghedina, “the project involves the redevelopment of the entire outdoor area where today there is the playground and the creation of three tracks with all the services, namely changing rooms and bathrooms with showers; these will be realized below and therefore there will be no impact that was foreseen in the previous project. There will be an independent external access, the former apartment of the caretaker will be redeveloped, which for years hosted Tele Cortina and work will also be carried out on the former carpentry which will become a warehouse area that the Olimpico lacks. The tracks will be suitable for hosting international tournaments with all the characteristics provided by the Federation and can be used for training. There will then be interventions regarding the refrigeration, lighting and other systems ».

The work is financed by the funds for border municipalities for 1.5 milions and from the City for two. The surgery will take 12 to 18 months, so the plant could be ready by 2023.

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