Home News Covid, in Padua the mask becomes mandatory outdoors in the streets of the historic center

Covid, in Padua the mask becomes mandatory outdoors in the streets of the historic center

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In Padua, the mask is mandatory even outdoors in the streets of the historic center. The mayor Sergio Giordani has in fact announced the arrival of an ad hoc ordinance. The measurement will start from midnight on Thursday 25 November until 31 December.

Covid, the mayors’ Christmas plan against contagion: limited number shopping, masks and Green Pass for parties

by Viola Giannoli, Alessandra Ziniti

“The Christmas holidays bring with them a great liveliness, many initiatives and many presences in the streets and squares of the center. We do not want to give up a free Christmas but it is a matter of common sense to set prudence and safety standards, moreover already assumed in the ‘people’s daily actions “, explains Giordani. “Our united community will have to make every effort in the near future to protect the health of all and particularly that of the most fragile. Vaccines have given and will give decisive help to win this battle but, given the delicate situation, it is necessary to add we have already given some extra precautions and we do not want for any reason to see here the dramatic situations that we observe in some foreign locations where we have not acted in time and decisively “, concludes the mayor of Padua.

Super Green Pass: from colors to privacy, here are the knots to be solved

by Viola Giannoli

In addition, the prefect, Raffaele Grassi, has decided to “close” the historic center to no Green Pass demonstrations, delegating to the commissioner the assessment of prohibiting the demonstrations. Both decisions were agreed upon during the Order and Security Committee.

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