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Covid, infections run in prison, insufficient Ffp2 masks: one for every 16 people

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In prison the Ff2 masks are missing and the infections run. The new complaint comes from the Uilpa Penitentiary Police, which has taken into account the means of protection available. The first supply of 6 thousand Ffp2 masks from the commissioner structure of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo is judged to be inadequate compared to the number of detainees. Here because.

One mask every 16 people

“If we consider that there are over 54 thousand inmates in prison and more than 41 thousand operators from the penitentiary police (36 thousand) and other professionals, this means a mask for every 16 people and 30 for each prison. All of this speaks for itself, like certain cartoons ‘Speechless’! », Underlined Gennarino De Fazio, general secretary of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police. “We continue not to understand – added De Fazio, why the Ffp2 masks are imposed in places where the presence of more people is expected, such as cinemas and theaters, but not in prisons, where overcrowding peaks of almost 200 are recorded. percent “.

The green pass is asked to family members, but not to prisoners

“The green pass – De Fazio recalled – is not asked of prisoners, but of visiting family members, as if only visitors could infect and become infected”. Under the lens the fact that the reinforced green pass is mandatory from 15 December 2021 for the prison police, but who is restricted in prison is not asked. From 20 January – for face-to-face interviews with inmates – the basic green pass is required within prisons for adults and minors. Another problem, the lawyers, who are not cited as obliged to pass for access to prisons in the new decree, which instead obliges the green pass in the courts from 1 February (strengthened if over 50).

Contagions run in prison

And, thanks to the Omicron variant, the infections run in prison. On the website of the Ministry of Justice, the data are updated only as of December 27, 2021 (510 infected prisoners and 527 agents). Instead, the latest data provided by the prison administration on 6 January 2022 to the prison police already report 1,057 prisoners and 1,110 prison policemen positive for the new coronavirus, almost all cases followed and managed internally by the institutions. «In reality, cards in hand, the data are discordant and undersized – explained De Fazio – with respect to the direct information in our possession, which results from the certifications provided at the local level to our local trade unions. In Verona, for example, where we reported an outbreak of about 140 detainees and 30 operators, 95 detainees and 27 operators were infected as of 6 January ».

The controversy over the doses administered

You also disagree over the number of doses administered behind bars. As of January 6, the pandemic began 97,017 doses. «It is not very indicative to report the doses administered since the beginning of the pandemic – underlined De Fazio – because in prison there is a turnover of 3 thousand inmates per month, which means about 40 thousand people a year. So, in reality, we don’t know exactly how many prisoners are vaccinated and how many are not ».

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