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Cuban couple arrested for selling drugs

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Cuban couple arrested for selling drugs

Cuban Couple Arrested in Miami for Drug Sales

A Cuban couple has been arrested in Miami for illegal drug sales, despite only having resided in the United States for three months. Cristóbal Torres and Merilyn Ponce, aged 26 and 20 respectively, appeared before a Miami-Dade court judge to face charges of possession and distribution of hallucinogenic substances.

According to local press reports, the couple sold hallucinogenic drugs in the back of a tobacco store located at 2199 20th Street in northwest Miami. The police seized 1,330 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms and 1,570 grams of marijuana, as well as utensils for drug consumption in their possession.

This incident has sparked conversations about young people wasting opportunities in life, especially in a developed country like the United States. Many wonder why individuals would choose the path of crime instead of starting their new lives in the country on the “right foot”.

Additionally, this case is not an isolated incident. Every month, there are reports of arrests of Cubans in Miami and surrounding areas for crimes in the northern country. In November, a group of Cuban residents in Miami were arrested for being involved in car insurance fraud and faking traffic accidents. This type of scam is reportedly common among Cuban criminals in Miami, who are seeking easy money.

The news of these arrests has led to outrage and frustration among the community, with many expressing their disappointment in individuals squandering opportunities in a new country. Some have called for working with dignity and making the most of the opportunities available in the United States. These incidents continue to highlight the challenges that new immigrants face and the need for support and guidance to ensure success in their new lives.

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