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Kaliňák came to congratulate me on my wedding, I know most of the ministers

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Kaliňák came to congratulate me on my wedding, I know most of the ministers

Gastroenterologist Ladislav Kužela headed the National Institute of Children’s Diseases under previous Smer governments. He was dismissed from his position three years ago by the then minister Marek Krajčí (OĽaNO).

Now the new government has appointed him to the management of St. Michael’s Hospital in Bratislava, which belongs to the Ministry of the Interior and Defense. Kužela is also the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak Health University and headed the gastroenterology clinic of the University Hospital in Bratislava on Antolska.

In the interview he says:

why was Robert Kaliňák at his wedding; about the fact that Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok approached him for the post of director on the day of his appointment; why he was on Igor Bukovsky’s show; but also about the fact that he would like to move the gastroenterology clinic from the University Hospital to St. Michael.

Who gave you the offer to become the director of St. Michael?

Ministry of Interior. He personally called me and came to see me. I really appreciate it because it was a long conversation, then there was thinking, then another long conversation. He devoted a lot of time to it. We had a chance to talk about his vision for this hospital, and he gave me a lot of space to name things within the healthcare system that could be fixed fairly quickly. And so there was agreement on almost all points. That led to us agreeing and I accepted the offer. It is a relatively big challenge, and if we fulfill only half of what we have planned, it will be a huge step for the Slovak healthcare system.

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When did Matúš Šutaj Eštok call you with an offer?

It was about three or four weeks ago.

So right after he took office?

Basically yes. The very first interview was in the evening on the day of his arrival.

Where do you know each other?

We know each other longer. We met through my profession.

Did the selection process for the position not take place?

The direct assignment is that I join the board of directors because the shareholder nominates it. This hospital was created from two hospitals of the Ministry of Interior and Defense. As shareholders, they have the opportunity to change the board of directors. And there will be a competition for the position of general director. We said to ourselves that we will start fulfilling the visions. And if everyone likes it, I’ll stay, and if not, anyone can apply.

When should the selection process be?

I do not know it.

You have known Minister Šutaj Eštok for a long time, who else from the government do you know?

At the moment it’s more a question of who I don’t know. Years

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