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Daughter of Diomedes Díaz was dispatched against a journalist who questioned tributes to her father

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Daughter of Diomedes Díaz was dispatched against a journalist who questioned tributes to her father

On May 26, a new birth of the deceased Diomedes Díaz will be commemorated, for which a large number of his followers and the media have dedicated themselves to honoring him. However, these honors have generated divided opinions and even a discussion between the singer’s daughter and a well-known journalist.

It turns out that Salud Hernández published a column on May 20 in which, although he acknowledged the contribution of ‘El cacique de La Junta’ to Colombian music, he questioned the exaltation of “a disastrous symbol of the most base machismo”.

“Diomedes had 30 recognized children, which means that many women accepted to belong to a kind of harem and did not care that he cheated on them with several at the same time. Like the young woman who was killed at one of her parties and her body was dumped in a ditch, ”he wrote in one of the first paragraphs of his column entitled ‘Social sanction for Diomedes Díaz’, which he published in Semana.

Salud Hernández added in his writing that he cannot point to the Vallenato artist for having beaten and mistreated the women with whom he shared his life. However, he reiterated that this lifestyle should not be something remarkable in a society in which the victims of femicide increase daily.

“I am not affirming at all that he beat or murdered his companions. It’s just that it’s a lousy example of life and should have social sanction. It is necessary to stir consciences and change cultures in a society that is too permissive with machismo, the origin of violence against women (…) I say this with all due respect to the ladies of Diomedes and forgive me if I offend them, ”she questioned.

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These words did not sit very well with Betsy Liliana Díaz, daughter of Diomedes Díaz, who came out in defense of her father and attacked the well-known journalist through her Instagram account.

According to what was stated by the also journalist, her colleague should have more coherence in her texts.

“The most horrible article I have ever read in my life. Cheers Hernández, we are going to start managing professional ethics and stop using the name of a man that the whole of Colombia loves, not only because of his human quality, but because of his talent. Who praises and then criticizes? We are going to start coordinating ”, he asserted.

Betsy Liliana Díaz divorced her husband?

For more than a year, the content creator has also been the focus of attention among her followers due to her marriage breakup, after having been married for one year to Evelio Escorcia.

The woman assured that she was not under the “obligation” to answer these types of questions about her private life and that the only thing she will do is speak from the “thank you”, stating that she does not like to “feed people’s morbidity” and who, like many other couples, showed their relationship through their social networks.

“The only thing I have to say is that I am super calm, the day I feel ready to talk to you about this topic, I will. But, for this moment, I really like to take care of my private life for my baby, for my son, so my people do not continue feeding the morbidity to this type of topic and do not ask things that in the end you know the answers, “he concluded. . with Infobae

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