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SANTA ROSA DEL AGUARAY (Fateful reality, Special Envoy) This unfortunate event occurred around noon this Thursday in the very center of the city of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, and it is only a reflection of the collective recklessness with which motorcyclists circulate throughout the national territory, where the most serious thing is to see minors driving motorcycles without any knowledge, without any precaution or protection, with the endorsement of their parents and the municipal authorities that do not fine, and do not punish enough to raise awareness and avoid these tragic outcomes that are totally avoidable.

Three people were on board a motorcycle, which at first they said was driven by a 50-year-old woman and later confessed the truth, that the driver was the lady’s daughter, a 17-year-old girl with The two of them also had a child under 8 years old, the granddaughter of the first.

A large truck that was transporting cattle bound for Asunción stayed at the traffic light as well as the driver of the motorcycle, with the green signal both advanced and the motorcyclist in a totally imprudent turn came out of the way of the truck from the right side, With the intention of turning to the left and passing in front of the truck, the driver of the transganado when he did not see him caused the motorcycle to fall with all its members and unfortunately it passed over the leg of the elderly lady causing the detachment of her left leg in the crash site.

The driver of the transganado was identified as Pedro Catalino Rotela Cristaldo, 65 years old, who was delayed by the staff of the Santa Rosa 18 police station and later with all the evidence of the closed circuit and the negative alcohol test, the truck and the driver were released. .

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The driver of the motorcycle was identified as 50-year-old Luciana Méndez Lugo, she was taken to the hospital and quickly admitted to the operating room, her 17-year-old LCM companions and 8-year-old LRS C presented minor injuries.

Despite everything and not being at fault, the large truck company promised to assist the injured with 10 million guaraníes. Unfortunately, Mrs. Luciana lost her left leg, they also lost the motorcycle, a work item for the family, thank God they did not lose their lives but they did have a huge scare that will mark a before and after in the lives of all those involved.

Thus, with these reckless actions it is how the lives of so many people are put at risk, and even more serious that the bicycle was driven by a minor, a very sad situation in which third parties are involved, as in this case the driver of the truck, many are the drivers who are involved in worse tragedies, where they must also pay for the treatments, operations or wakes of those who go aboard motorcycles without any drop of conscience when driving.

The moment of the accident was captured by a CCTV 8, we share with you the images and statements.



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