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Denis Kadima: “I would like to remind you that the CENI strives to respect its schedule” – Capsud.net

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Denis Kadima: “I would like to remind you that the CENI strives to respect its schedule” – Capsud.net

The organization of the fourth electoral cycle in the DRC is becoming more and more certain. To date, the President of the CENI has officially launched the training of aircrew to ensure the mobility of electoral materials and agents across the deep Congo.

This ceremony took place in the presence of members of the Bureau and the plenary. Speaking on this occasion, Denis Kadima highlighted certain specific aspects linked to the convoy of electoral materials.

« Preparations for holding the elections on December 20, 2023 continue. The delivery of equipment and the movement of CENI personnel largely occupy current logistical operations.
The geographical configuration of the DRC, our country, requires us to use several types of means of transport, particularly the use of boats or even boats.
In some cases, it is only possible to reach the different villages or towns by waterway, sometimes using rivers or even rivers.
This is why the CENI acquired 28 boats to facilitate and improve the convoy of electoral materials and its agents.
“, indicated the number one of the Electoral Center.


The elections will indeed take place

No, without having supported the irreversible nature of holding the elections of December 20, 2023.

« I would like to remind you that the CENI strives to respect its timetable. Some delays have certainly been noted in the execution of some operations planned in this context, but are not likely to call into question the date of December 20, 2023.« .


All the explanations about this training

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For his part, the Deputy Rapporteur, Paul Muhindo, presented the objectives of this training.

« The ongoing training will be more practical than theoretical because the beneficiaries are captains and sailors.
For 2 days, the facilitators will present on 4 themes: the presentation and operation of the speedboat, the technical orientations and maintenance of the boats, the use of lifebuoys, the ethics of the sailing personnel.
The overall objective of this training aims to provide the CENI with efficient navigation personnel capable of guaranteeing easy deployment of personnel and electoral equipment.
Specifically, at the end of the training, users will be able to handle boats as well as their accessories and comply with maintenance requirements by ensuring their maintenance in addition to mastering navigation rules.
“, he stressed.

Equipment deployment zones

Furthermore, the Deputy Quaestor, Sylvie Birembano, revealed that in anticipation of the combined elections of December 20, 2023, the CENI will have to transport equipment from 4 main hubs to the 255 training sites to supply nearly 7,549 local centers compilation of results (CLCR) in compliance with the requirements of the electoral calendar. This is what justifies the acquisition of these boats which have brought added value to the Electoral Center in its capacity for deployment in the field.

CENI has sufficient rolling and floating equipment

Previously, the National Executive Secretary, Totho Mabiku, clearly noted that for several months, the CENI has launched major logistical maneuvers for the deployment of different equipment. It is in this context that it has rolling and floating equipment in its assets which facilitate the operation of distributing electoral materials to its 179 branches and 255 training sites.

Note that this launch ceremony was marked by a river trip during which the members of the CENI took stock of the capabilities of these boats while navigating the Congo River.

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