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Deputies approve sixteenth extension to the Exception Regime – Diario La Página

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The deputies of the Nuevas Ideas party, and allied legislative fractions, approved tonight the sixteenth extension to the Exception Regime, a measure that has allowed the government to lower the homicide and gang crime rates in the country.

Opposition deputies denied the votes to the initiative promoted by the Executive, arguing that the state of emergency is “an electoral tool”, although the defenders assured that this decree has restored peace to Salvadorans, and assured that more than 90% supports the measure.

Since the first implementation of the decree, in March 2022, the international community and the Salvadoran people have highlighted the positive changes in the country in terms of security.

NI legislators highlighted the effort made by agents of the National Civil Police and soldiers of the Armed Forces to dismantle criminal groups, even if it means risking their own lives. They also blamed previous governments “for having handed over” the territories to the gangs.

The parliamentarians assured that the validity of the regime and the Territorial Control Plan have made it possible to recover more than 7,000 homes that were usurped by gang members and that were used to plan crimes, but have already been returned to their owners, and others are in this process.

The emergency regime has also allowed the capture of more than 70,000 suspected terrorists and people who collaborate with these structures. Similarly, during this period, nearly 3,000 firearms, 11 tons of drugs, and other illegal items have been seized.

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