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Digital accessibility: updated data on automatic checks of PA sites online

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The results of the automatic accessibility checks conducted by the Agency for Digital Italy are available from today.

Thanks to the MAUVE++ application, developed by the CNR-ISTI and enhanced and refined in collaboration with AgID, over 730 thousand PDFs and more than 4 million web pages relating to the Public Administration were examined.

The results

The monitoring involved the websites of almost 20 thousand PAs, including State Education Institutes of all levels (35%), Municipalities and their Consortia and Associations (33%) and other types of bodies (32%), for a total of 25 thousand sites evaluated. From the data that emerged, it appears that substantially all PDFs present at least one accessibility criterion that is not satisfied, while only 1% may be correctly structured.

In the latest update, monitoring also examined accessibility declarations: the tool through which PAs make public the result of the accessibility self-assessment of their digital services. There have been 48,432 accessibility statements published since 2020, of which 46,463 relate to websites. According to what was declared by the PAs in 2023, 43% of web services are compliant (no errors detected), 56% partially compliant and 1% non-compliant. Again based on what was declared by the PAs in 2023, 35% of the apps are compliant (they would not violate any WCAG criteria), 63% partially compliant and 3% non-compliant.

Further information

The monitoring activities fall within the scope of the implementation of the PNRR 1.4.2 – Citizen Inclusion measure. To find out further detailed data, you can consult the complete data available on the site https://accessibilita.agid.gov.it/

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