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Discovering wine in Puglia with the ‘Adopt a row’ project – Puglia

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Discovering wine in Puglia with the ‘Adopt a row’ project – Puglia

In Brindisi, Tenute Lu Spada issues certificates and benefits

(ANSA) – BARI, MARCH 21 – Many dream of producing wine, but the costs are prohibitive. Thanks to the initiative of the Tenute Lu Spada farm in Brindisi, however, it is possible to adopt the row of a vineyard and experience firsthand the whole process that leads to the transformation of grapes into wine. So far 50 requests have arrived and in recent days the first phase of delivery of the adoption certificates has taken place. Three requests came from Emilia Romagna, two from Rome, two from Milan, one from the United States of America, five from Mesagne, three from Fasano, two from Lecce, 24 from Brindisi.

Each adopter was able to write his own name, or that of his family, to mark the adopted row.

“Our wine – underlines Carmine Dipietrangelo, director and founder of the company – comes from a process that starts from the vineyard, continues with the harvest, the refinement and ends with the bottling. And all following, in every step, rigorous organic practices that allow us to be certified for productions which, by dispensing with any chemical treatment, tend to safeguard the land and the well-being of consumers”.

You can adopt one or more rows with your own name, that of another person, or that of a company. The adoption fee is 300 euros a year for a row of espaliers, 350 euros for a row of saplings with which Masada, Negroamaro Brindisi Doc is produced, inspired by the legendary fortress in Judea where Herod’s palace once stood (19 C.), inside which fragments of wine amphorae from Brindisi were found. In return, among other things, you receive your name on a plaque at the beginning of the row, a case of six bottles of wine produced from the variety of the chosen row and a selection of six bottles of the other wines of the Estates; 20% discount on all products for the whole year of adoption of the row; and the opportunity to participate in the processing stages of the vineyard including the harvest.


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