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Don Patriciello, ‘don’t dress little girls to Communion as brides’ – News

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Don Patriciello, ‘don’t dress little girls to Communion as brides’ – News

Little girls making their First Communion dressed “as if they were going to get married”. The post by Don Maurizio Patriciello, the anti-Camorra priest of the Caivano Green Park, who invites mothers not to “steal” their daughters’ age, received almost ten thousand ‘likes’ and a thousand comments, all of appreciation of the words of the priest.

Don Patriciello – parish priest of the populous municipality on the outskirts of Naples where he fought and continues to fight against the Camorra, toxic fires and drug dealing, a commitment that cost him heavy threats and destined him for a life under guard – writes a post on Facebook, short, but shared by many.

“They are girls. They are 10-11 years old. They receive Holy Communion for the first time. A beautiful moment. Unique.

Unrepeatable. They are girls. I don’t understand why mothers dress them as if they were going to get married”, writes the street parish priest. “I don’t understand – he continues – why such a hurry to see women. They are girls. Make them live their age. Don’t steal it from her. There is a time for everything.”

There are thousands of likes, shares and comments. “How true your reflection is, often, too often we pour our aspirations, desires, desires and expect them to be accepted on our children; in reality we are stealing our children’s lives”, writes Eugenio for example. There are those who invite us to “disengage from fashions and appearances” and those who remember their own, of communion, “more than forty years ago: we little girls wore a nun’s habit, all the same. There were neither comparisons, nor parades. It would be appropriate to return to that democratic tradition”.

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