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Donated defibrillator stolen

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The San Valentino di Pordenone association: we will buy another one. Acquired the video surveillance images from the weapon

PORDENONE. The defibrillator positioned in Piazza Lozer, in Torre, was stolen and installed in March 2019 for the benefit of the whole community, thanks to the contribution of the Torre and San Valentino associations, as part of the “A big heart for the city” project.

Sanisystem and the Municipality of Pordenone contributed to the initiative, in collaboration with Agrizero (which organizes the Thursday market in the district), Gymnasium and Grosmi.

The defibrillator, positioned on a column surrounding the square and inserted in a display case, was stolen the other day and yesterday a report of theft was presented to the carabinieri of Pordenone by the president of the San Valentino association Luciana Pennelli: up to on Thursday the defibrillator was seen in its place, while on Friday morning it was found to be absent. The estimated value of the equipment is around 250 euros.

The defibrillator was not locked, but was accessible by anyone who needed it, precisely for the purpose that was inherent in the installation: to be of immediate help in case of need or illness.

The area affected by the theft may have been filmed by the security cameras located in the square: in this sense, the Pordenone local police operations center has already been asked to block the images taken in the period concerned, to check if it is possible to identify the author of the theft.

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The absence of the defibrillator in Piazza Lozer, however, may not last long: the San Valentino association is committed to putting a new defibrillator back where the theft occurred.

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