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Dounia Boutazot sings Generic “Welad Yazza”

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Dounia Boutazot sings Generic “Welad Yazza”

Hespress Art and Culture Photo: Hespress Hespress – Manal Lotfy Wednesday 21 February 2024 – 06:09

Moroccan actress Dounia Boutazot is embarking on a new experience in her artistic path after her brilliance in embodying many characters in Moroccan series, through which she combined drama and comedy, which allowed her to expand her fan base in Morocco.

Ayoub Rifda, the director of Dounia Boutazot’s work, revealed in a statement to the electronic newspaper Hespress that the artist will supervise the presentation of Generic’s comedy series “Children of Yazza”, with which she will appear before the Moroccan audience during the upcoming Ramadan race for national productions, after she had previously experienced singing in the series “The written one.”

The same spokesman added that Dounia Boutazot will sing the series’ theme song with her voice for the first time in her artistic career, while the song will be characterized by a light and fun youthful rhythm, adding that it is written and composed by the artist Younes Adam, who is known for supervising a large number of Moroccan dramatic series theme songs and songs by Moroccan stars.

It is noteworthy that the series “Welad Aiza”, which stars Boutazot, along with a number of Moroccan artists, falls within the category of comedy, and is a short 13-minute capsule that will be shown daily during the month of Ramadan on Channel One.

This series tells about the adventures of Yaza, a strong, independent widow, who has dedicated her life since the death of her husband to raising her son Ali. They continued to live a quiet life together in the desert, but this situation would not last for a long time, as soon her second son, Murad, and his wife would arrive from France with the intention of settling with them, and competition would flare up between the children, creating tensions and purely comic situations.

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Sons of Yaza Donia Boutazot Ramadan

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