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Florencio Varela: an officer dressed in civilian clothes shot a motorcycle that tried to rob him

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Florencio Varela: an officer dressed in civilian clothes shot a motorcycle that tried to rob him

A police officer from the City of Buenos Aires shot a criminal in the leg after being approached this Tuesday by two motorchorros who tried to rob him while the man (who was not wearing a police uniform because he was on vacation) was walking through the Buenos Aires district of Florencio Varela. Police sources reported that the attackers They intimidated the man with a replica firearm and a knifewithout noticing that the victim, dressed in civilian clothes, had his service weapon with him.

The episode occurred on Tuesday morning, when two armed criminals tried to assault a Buenos Aires police officer, who was dressed in civilian clothes. The suspects were riding a motorcycle on Nuestras Malvinas Street and 35th Street, in Florencio Varela.

A gendarme resisted a robbery and shot a motorcycle rider several times and wounded another 15-year-old

According to testimonies collected in the news agency Telamthe suspect who was accompanying He pointed a firearm at the officer and demanded his belongings..

But the man, who works at the 1F Neighborhood Police Station and was on vacation, pulled out his Bersa Thunder 9 millimeter regulation weapon and he shot the attacker twicewho ended up lying on the public road with a wound to his right leg, while his accomplice accelerated and escaped on the motorcycle.

A video recorded with a mobile phone from the sidewalk in front of the fight circulated on social networks. There you can identify how the officer points at the already injured criminal and even steps on his leg to immobilize him.

The suspect who was injured after the violent sequence He is 21 years old and was transferred to Mi Pueblo Hospital by an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME), following the shot that hit his right leg, without risk of life.

Meanwhile, at the scene A replica firearm and a knife were seized as part of the ongoing expert reports.

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The case is investigated by prosecutor Darío Provisionato, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 1 of Florencio Varela, who endorsed the actions for the crime of “attempted robbery”.

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More confrontations with motorcycle jets in the Conurbano

In the hours prior to this insecurity event, another case was recorded in the Conurbano involving a member of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) who He resisted shooting in front of two motorcycle riders who wanted to steal his vehicle in the town of La Rejain Moreno’s Buenos Aires party.

Police sources confirmed that the victim of this attempted robbery performs duties as a corporal in the Department corresponding to the North Metropolitan Area Division of the PFA.

The victim was approached by armed criminals at the intersection of Olavarría and Gaona streets in the aforementioned town in the western Buenos Aires suburbs. The suspects were traveling on a blue motorcycle and tried to rob him, after which, The officer identified himself as police personnel and a shooting began.

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The criminals fled without being able to steal the red Honda Twister motorcycle. Meanwhile, researchers They suspect that one of the robbers may have been injured during the shooting.

In turn, the spokesmen reported that the troops in the area conducted a tour of the healthcare centers due to the possible admission of a man with a gunshot wound.

The Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 8 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department intervenes in this case, which ordered the necessary procedures for the crime of “Attempted Robbery.”

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