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Drummond receives new BASC certification for its standards

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Drummond receives new BASC certification for its standards

The Port of Drummond Ltd., a key player in international trade, celebrates its recertification in the standard BASC (Business Alliance For Secure Commerce) Version 6-2022.

This recognition, granted for meeting the rigorous requirements and demonstrating a high level of compliance in its management system in control and security in port operations, highlights the company’s continuous commitment with international standards of excellence.

The BASC, as an international business alliance, plays a crucial role in promoting safe international trade, guiding organizations towards agile, legal and secure operations through globally supported procedures. The certification obtained by Drummond Ltd. not only validates its security practices, but also underscores its commitment to agile and reliable operation.

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The company’s evaluation and approval were carried out in accordance with BASC international norms and standards., aligned with the minimum C-TPAT security requirements. With a specific focus on its role as Port – Coal Exporter in Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia, Drummond Ltd. has demonstrated its commitment to operational safety throughout its entire supply chain.

Carlos Beltrán, director of physical security at the Port, highlights that this certification confirms Drummond Ltd.’s continuous effort in implementing security procedures and controls in all port facility processes. Additionally, it highlights teamwork and adherence to global safety standards, generating credibility and trust in both the supply chain as well as customer expectations in the international market.

The proactive management of Drummond Ltd. to promote a safety culture is supported not only by this BASC certification, but also by other certifications that guarantee control and operational safety in all its facilities.

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