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Dumplings with cherries – a simple recipe by Ella Ivanova

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Dumplings with cherries – a simple recipe by Ella Ivanova

Dumplings with cherries in winter can be no less tasty than in summer. Cherries can be used both canned and frozen. If you haven’t prepared a berry since the summer, you can buy it all today in supermarkets. A well-known person shared the recipe for dumplings with cherries Ella Ivanova, a cook from Kryvyi Rih, who previously told how to make banana brownies without sugar, flour and oil.


— Such dumplings will be liked by everyone who tastes them, — says Ella Ivanova. — I think this is a very good recipe. If you are cooking from frozen cherries, first thaw them, place them on a sieve, let the excess liquid drain. Canned cherries too first place on a sieve.

Dumplings with cherries


Flour – 250 g

Water – 130 g

0.5 teaspoon of salt

Butter – 20 g


Cherries (amount to taste)

2 Art. spoons of sugar

0.5 teaspoon of starch

Combine flour, water, salt and butter. We knead the dough. It should lie in cling film for an hour. Then roll out thinly and fill with cherries. First, we put a mixture of sugar and starch on the dough, then berries. Boil in salted water. Serve with sour cream or honey.

And delicious!

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