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Early final against Brazil – El Diario

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Early final against Brazil – El Diario

Julian Andres Santa

After having had a rest date in the South American Under-20 Championship calendar, the Colombian National Team took the opportunity to optimize their work, thinking about the tough challenge they will have today against Brazil at 7:30 p.m., for the fourth day of the youth contest. The commitment will be held at the Pascual Guerrero stadium and it is undoubtedly an additional motivation for the fans, so a good number of spectators are expected.

Separated by two points

Group A is partially led by Paraguay with seven units, completing a very good campaign and being above the favorites for now. His escort is precisely Brazil with one less point and the third is the local Colombia that has four. Then Argentina appears surprisingly with zero points and in last place Peru, also without points and with a goal difference of -5.

an early final

From every point of view, there is no doubt that tonight’s game is an early final for both teams, but a little more so for the Tricolor, which, because it is local, has the obligation to lead its group and seek qualification for the final phase, which will be in Bogota. Although it is an Under-20 group that is still in the process, those led by Héctor Cárdenas are aware that this is their best opportunity to leave their name in the retina of the fans and thus get closer to the major league squad.

Keys against Brazil

Speaking to the media, this is how Professor Cárdenas described the keys that should be taken into account for this important duel against the ‘Canarinha’. “We have followed them for eight months and we know the potential they have, their characteristics and the improvements that our team should have, not in terms of possession of the ball but progress with it and knowing how to drive at the right times. From there, look for that breadth that Brazil also allows and look for the imbalance of our athletes. We hope to have that calm and intelligence to be able to counter their strengths and seal the classification once and for all to show why everything that has been done has been important”.

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Details to be considered

“You have to make adjustments, there are always things to improve from the collective functioning of the team. That allowed us to make some adjustments to the strategic part and now to hoy be ready for what will be the competition and close in a good way here at home ”, the technician pointed out.

Programming for today (Pascual Guerrero Stadium)

5:00pm Argentina vs Peru

7:30pm Colombia vs Brazil

Programming tomorrow (Stadium of Deportivo Cali)

5:00pm Uruguay vs Bolivia

7:30pm Venezuela vs Ecuador


After facing Brazil today, Colombia will have their last date of the group stage this Friday, January 27, against Argentina.

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