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Entrepreneurs: the first call will be made to train them in business issues – news

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Entrepreneurs: the first call will be made to train them in business issues – news

The call is made by Empropaz to the inhabitants of Cauca with business ideas, or who have productive units of more than 10 months.

Online education in recent years has gained strength, for which the Government has set the goal of reaching 85% connectivity throughout the country. In Colombia, 56.5% of households have an Internet connection, in the capitals that percentage is 66.5% and for rural centers it reaches 23.8%, according to DANE figures.

Knowing the barriers that the online connection eliminates, during the pandemic, Bancamía implemented the virtual modality of its program Empropaz, which he namedEmpropaz Online’ and seeks that people residing in different areas of the country, where -sometimes- arriving in person is not so easy, can have socio-business support to increase the chances that business ideas materialize and that already existing micro-enterprises are promoted from sustainable way.

“Being online, this component provides flexibility, so beneficiaries have the option of choosing the hours in which they can access training, they do not have to travel, that is, they save time and money. Its modality has allowed more than 700 people, including 533 women, 349 victims of the conflict, 171 Afro-descendants and 57 indigenous people; They have been able to generate knowledge and develop business skills,” said Miguel Achury, manager of Empropaz.

Productive Enterprises for Peace opens exclusive calls at the national level for entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs, for whom the virtual modality is more convenient.

Municipalities of Cauca

Precisely the next February 8thAt 3:00 pm, the first date will be held for the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, Caldono, Caloto, Morales, Santander de Quilichao, Suárez, El Tambo, La Sierra, Cajibío, Puracé, Piendamó and Silvia, from the department of the Cauca.

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Empropaz Online works through a virtual platform, in which learn in a playful way about business planning and organization, finance, digital marketing strategies, customer serviceamong other topics.

Although the participants find themselves in a friendly environment that makes it easier for them to acquire the tools they need to boost their businesses remotely, they are permanently accompanied by business advisers who support them in making good use of technology, especially with the population. of older adults and who, regardless of the age group they belong to, are less familiar with it in their day-to-day lives.

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