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ESPN journalist’s attack on Carlos Antonio Vélez?

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ESPN journalist’s attack on Carlos Antonio Vélez?

On the other hand, he assured that, The only thing that was impeccable in the meeting was the emotional part after the goals of Luis Díaz and the celebration of his father who, until recently, was kidnapped by the ELN guerrilla.

Finally, in his comments through social networks, He stressed that it was the Guajiro player who carried all the weight of the team in the match that ended with the score two to one in favor of the coffee team.

Responses from other journalists

An ESPN journalist, in the middle of a live program, He referred to the issue of public figures who always have something bad to say after a Colombia National Team match. and, although he does not mention it directly, he seems to be referring specifically to Carlos Antonio Vélez.

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Is about Paolo Arenaswho launched strong criticism of these people who, in his words, “They benefit from speaking badly about the National Team”. The journalist argued that these people will always be there, since this was the way in which they managed to build their career in the world of sports journalism.

In addition, Arenas published a quote from Víctor Romero on his social networks, where he implies that he is happy to know that these figures “They are already more on the way out than anything else.”

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