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Female leadership: politicians, managers, entrepreneurs and sportswomen talk about it in Cagliari

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On 7 December at the Teatro Doglio a meeting coordinated by the journalist of Donna Moderna Monica Rachetti on gender equality in the economy, in public procurement, in the world of work

CAGLIARI. “There is nothing a woman cannot do!”: This is what we must say to our daughters. And the data show it: in Italy, women entrepreneurs and in the financial sector are increasing, female magistrates and doctors exceed their male colleagues, more women occupy posts in politics and even strictly male sectors, such as shipping, are opening up to women: officers , shipowners, doctors on board. It is time that gender equality is no longer just a theme of “social justice” good for social media and influencers but enters the field of economical progress. In fact, more and more investors are looking more favorably at companies that implement inclusion policies and also in public procurement gender equality requirements are starting to be introduced. Recruiters are looking for women for their ability to relate and manage complexity, Europe launches measures to supportfemale occupation and Italy approves the law on wage parity.

Well, so where is the problem? The problem is there and we need to talk about it. An occasion is the event “Leadership, feminine noun” on 7 December 2021, 4.30 pm at the Doglio theater (Palazzo Doglio) of Cagliari. The event is organized by Ilda Events and Tourism Srls with the scientific direction of Claudia Rabellino Becce, lawyer and writer, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cagliari, Department of Tourism and the patronage of Aidda (Association of Entrepreneurs and Women Company Managers) Sardinia and Confcommercio Giovani Entrepreneurs South Sardinia and with the support of Special Car Group and Palazzo Doglio.

Prominent women in very different sectors, all strategic, bear their testimony, amidst stereotypes and prejudices, to affirm female leadership to be designed and discovered. In fact, what is the leadership model to which women can be inspired? And then, is there really this model or, perhaps, to combat a stereotype, are we creating many others? The truth is that every woman must be free to self-determine, whatever her field and her choices are: politics, the judiciary, entrepreneurship, medicine, coaching.

The journalist of Donna Moderna Barbara Rachetti dialogue with Monica Lucarelli, new councilor for Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Rome; Maria Alessandra Pelagatti, former public prosecutor at the Court of Cagliari and president of Soroptimist International club Cagliari; Isabella Susy from Martini, neuropsychiatrist, medical officer, senior consultant Assarmatori and former European parliamentarian; Francesca Maria Montemagno, digital entrepreneur, founder of the “Smartive” startup; Elisabetta Fiumene, area director for the Bank of Italy; Simona Salustro, president of Young Entrepreneurs of Confcommercio Ferrara, vice president of Young Entrepreneurs of Confcommercio Nazionale; Chiara Obino, dentist, motivational coach and freediving champion, among the five women in the world who have reached 100 meters underwater. Many voices, all different, but each unique.

Appointment at 4.30 pm at the Doglio Theater. Free admission subject to availability, with Green Pass compulsory.

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