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Fengqing County: The vast fields are busy with spring plowing everywhere

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Fengqing County: The vast fields are busy with spring plowing everywhere

Right now, it is an important season for spring plowing preparations. People in towns and villages and tobacco departments in Fengqing County are rushing to the vast fields from dawn to dusk, racing against time to prepare for spring plowing. The county’s spring production is in full swing. , a new harvest is gestating, and the whole county is full of busy scenes of spring plowing and preparation.

Fengqing County: The vast fields are busy with spring plowing everywhere

At the seedling point of Anyi, Anyi Village, Shili Township, villagers are erecting seedling sheds. Liu Lipei, a farmer in the wheat outlet group, is plowing the winter fallow field on his own land. The people in the Anping group of Anyi village are busy with the excavation of temporary water storage pits and ponds, the laying of pit pond membranes, and the water storage of pit ponds. The Anyi seedling breeding site, The villagers seized the time to start erecting seedling sheds, and the preparation for spring plowing was full of vitality.

“Thanks to the higher-level party committee and government, and thanks to the tobacco department. Now we have water, electricity, and roads in Anyi Village, and the land has been sorted out. We just wait for the next step to grow tobacco and revitalize our family’s economic income.” Ji Rong, a flue-cured tobacco grower in the group, said happily.

Fengqing County: The vast fields are busy with spring plowing everywhere

Li Jiancheng, a flue-cured tobacco technician in Lufeng Village, told the reporter, “Rural revitalization is being accelerated in various places. If a family wants to be rich, it must first develop a good industry. Our current industry is the flue-cured tobacco industry. As long as the flue-cured tobacco is grown well, the family’s income can increase. .”

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Spring plowing and preparation for farming, agricultural materials first. According to reports, Shili Township plans to plant 18,250 mu of flue-cured tobacco this year, involving 13 villages, 91 groups, and 908 households. It plans to purchase 50,000 tons of tobacco leaves throughout the year. It is estimated that the income of tobacco farmers this year will reach 85 million yuan. At present, all kinds of agricultural materials and materials in the township are in place and sufficient, which can meet all the production needs of spring.

“The flue-cured tobacco industry in Shili is highly valued by party committees and governments at all levels and tobacco departments. Projects and policies are all centered around industrial development. No worries. At present, we have confirmed that the planting area of ​​flue-cured tobacco is 18,000 mu, and more than 90% of the winter fallow land has been plowed, and now the water storage can basically meet the production demand.” Lincang Tobacco Company Fengqing Branch Shili Tobacco Workstation Director Wang Ruicong introduced to the reporter.

Fengqing County: The vast fields are busy with spring plowing everywhere

In the rural revitalization demonstration base in Qiantang Village, Yingpan Town, Fengqing County, excavators and large micro-tillers are rumbling, excavating, plowing, and leveling farmland with high and stable yields. Some of the villagers are very busy building steel sheds for flue-cured tobacco seedlings, digging water diversion ditches, and leveling the land. It is reported that after the Spring Festival in Qiantang Village, the masses were actively organized to resume work and production. At present, the spring plowing preparation area, the steel frame shed at the seedling point, water, electricity and road projects have been implemented.

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Since the Spring Festival holiday, the cadres and workers of Yingpan Town have given up their weekend rest time, and have fully descended to the production line of spring plowing and preparation in the village group, implementing the planting of sugarcane seedlings in winter and spring, and leveling and storing water in grain fields and flue-cured tobacco fields to ensure that they are compacted before planting in spring. Spring plowing preparation basis. Duan Yong, director of the Industrial Development Office of the Agricultural and Rural Service Center of Yingpan Town, said: “There are 17 villages in Yingpan Town, with a land area of ​​more than 240,000 mu, with more than 80,000 mu of grain planted, more than 30,000 mu of sugar cane, and more than 20,000 mu of grain and tobacco. As of At present, the town has nearly 60,000 mu of land ready for cultivation, including more than 10,000 mu of flue-cured tobacco, more than 6,000 mu of sugar cane, more than 40,000 mu of spring crops, and more than 200,000 cubic meters of water storage.

In Yaojie Township, nearly 10,000 mu of farmland with high and stable yields is about to be sorted out. Villagers can control efficient and intelligent water-saving irrigation through the smart agricultural Internet of Things platform to centrally water the farmland. The demonstration of high-standard farmland construction allows farmers to taste the sweetness of increasing income from scientific and technological farming. .

According to reports, Fengqing County plans to sow 465,300 mu of grain in the spring this year, and achieve an annual grain sowing area of ​​more than 735,900 mu, with a total grain output of more than 179,500 tons. Scientific and technological measures focus on promoting soil testing, formula fertilization, and green prevention and control We will firmly promote green production, achieve a 32% coverage rate of green prevention and control technology for major crops, and increase the use of organic fertilizers by more than 10%. Economic crops The county plans to plant 74,000 mu of flue-cured tobacco, with a tobacco leaf output of 200,000 tons. It plans to plant 15,000 mu of sugarcane. Currently, 5,284 mu of sugarcane has been planted. In preparation for spring plowing, Fengqing County’s agricultural and rural areas, flue-cured tobacco, sugar and tea, and water affairs departments and enterprises have earnestly done a good job in the storage and supply of agricultural materials and pipe networks. Do a good job in the construction of high-standard farmland, focus on the implementation of policies that benefit farmers, and do a good job in the supervision of the agricultural material market. Focus on agricultural material reserves and quality inspections, and strengthen overall linkage and technical guidance. If the “first move” is played well, the villagers will be full of energy in production, and there is hope for increasing agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.

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Correspondents of Yunnan Net: Zhou Wu, Yang Zhenhua, Yuan Hujun, Zhao Guangping

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