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Fishermen rescued many manatees trapped within the Magdalena River

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Fishermen rescued many manatees trapped within the Magdalena River

According to the report, these animals are trapped resulting from diminished river circulate brought on by the latest climate. Fishermen, staff from the communities alongside the river, acted as first support in his rescue. Basic gear was used to free the animals and return them to their correct habitat.

These marine mammals face severe dangers because of the submergence and air pollution of water in the course of the dry season.

Although media sources similar to Caracol Radio point out that there have been 9 sea cows, different media sources similar to Blu Radio affirm that there have been seven and in teams on social media they revealed that there have been 5 and regardless of that, the rescue was recorded in a video shot. he is among the males who helped destroy the mammal.

In the video, at the very least eight males are seen pushing and pulling the manatee, attempting to get it deeper into the present. In the photographs you may see how the water reaches under the knees of the boys, which reveals the low stage of circulate of the boys and will be heard saying that it’s the final instance they helped.
Characteristics of those aquatic mammals

The manatee (Trichechus manatus) is an aquatic mammal that lives in Colombia, particularly within the Caribbean, within the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, the Momposina Depression and the Magdalena River. Its physique is inflexible and fusiform, grey to brown in coloration, with wrinkled pores and skin and wings as a substitute of limbs. Its dimension varies between 2.5 and 4 meters in size and may weigh between 400 and 600 kilos. They are herbivores and eat aquatic crops.

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Gestation lasts 12 months and one calf is often born, nursing for a yr. Its conservation standing is threatened, resulting from habitat loss, unlawful searching and air pollution.

In Colombia, conservation efforts are carried out by the National Parks, the Ministry of Environment and numerous NGOs. Manatees even have cultural significance and consciousness and tourism actions are inspired within the viewing areas.

Manatí dies after being hit by a ship in Bolívar

A manatee died after being run over by a ship within the municipality of Arjona, within the division of Bolívar, on April 23. Residents of the group ate the meat of the animal, which brought about an uproar.

The animal was hit by a ship within the waters of the Canal del Dique, which is a crucial waterway within the area. Despite the efforts of different residents to save lots of him, he died just a few hours after the accident.

The determination to eat beef was taken by the area people. Some residents argued that the animal was lifeless and didn’t need to waste its meat. However, this motion was strongly criticized by a number of sectors, which emphasised the significance of defending this species.

The occasion sparked a debate in regards to the want for strict measures to guard animals within the area. Manatees, as a species, are thought of endangered resulting from human exercise. Experts counsel that measures be used to regulate the visitors within the water that these animals typically discover.

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Canal del Dique (Cardique) and the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Authority (Aunap) have been knowledgeable of this occasion. Both businesses expressed their willingness to research what occurred and implement methods to stop future incidents. With Infobae

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