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Flows Decree 2021, for job applications starting on January 27th

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The applications for employment of the 69,700 non-EU citizens who will be able to work in Italy thanks to the 2021 flows decree, launched on 21 December last, can be submitted from 27 January for non-seasonal workers and from 1 February for seasonal workers. This was clarified by the inter-ministerial circular of January 5, which takes stock of a Dpcm that provides for 42 thousand entries reserved for seasonal work and 27,700 entries for non-seasonal and self-employed subordinate work.

More in detail, 20 thousand units are reserved for non-seasonal subordinate work in road transport, construction and tourism-hotels for citizens of countries that have signed or will sign in 2022 cooperation agreements on migration with Italy.

Another 7 thousand entrances are reserved for the conversion into subordinate and autonomous work of the residence permit already held for another reason. In addition, 100 foreigners who have completed training and education programs in their countries of origin according to Legislative Decree 286/1998 and another 100 resident in Venezuela of Italian origin are also admitted.

In the context of self-employment, 500 shares are reserved in the presence of certain requirements for entrepreneurs, freelancers, holders of corporate offices, renowned artists and foreigners who want to set up start-ups.

The 42,000 entries for seasonal workers involve workers from countries with which Italy has already signed cooperation agreements. Within this perimeter, the new decree provides that part of the quotas (14 thousand) are reserved, for the agricultural sector only, to workers against whom applications for authorization are presented by Cia, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Copagri and the Alliance of cooperatives. Finally, a thousand quotas are reserved for entrances for multi-year seasonal work.

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