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[Frontline Interview]Residents protest against the establishment of a quarantine point in Nansha, Guangzhou | CCP virus | Residential area

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[Epoch Times, June 12, 2021](Interviewed by Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Li Xin’an) The epidemic in Guangzhou continues to spread. In Nansha District, Guangzhou, where there are schools and concentrated residents, the Chinese Communist Party has forcibly set up a quarantine point for people infected with the new crown virus (CCP virus), triggering mass protests.

Mr. Yu (pseudonym) from Nansha, Guangzhou told reporters that the authorities recently set up a quarantine point for people infected with the new crown virus in Guangzhou Nanhong Aust Hotel, where the entire Guangzhou city was infected and diagnosed (note: there are also contacts or suspects). All personnel are pulled over for isolation. The quarantine point is very close to the residential area, causing dissatisfaction and protests among the people.

“(The isolation point) is about 100 meters away from the Nanwan campus of Nansha Primary School Times, 10 meters away from the Jiuwangmiao Village Committee, and the hand-in-hand distance from the community, and also 100 meters away from Guangzhou Beida Technical School.” He said.

According to reports, from 8 to 10 pm yesterday (June 10), about three to four thousand villagers and technical school students protested at the gate of the Auster Hotel and were forcibly dispersed by the police.

At present, many places in Nansha District are classified as medium-risk areas. Mr. Yu said that he only saw a medium-risk area set up in Nansha District on TV, but the Nansha Hotel set up an isolation point and did not greet the villagers and made a surprise attack. They heard the news from the insiders of the property and the hotel.

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The local villagers have undergone three nucleic acid tests, and no one has been infected in the village or the surrounding area. It is a safe community without epidemics. The villagers were very angry that the CCP police had forcibly set up a quarantine point here.

“People put up banners to protest the illegal establishment of isolation points in residents and campuses. Someone came out to receive but they didn’t agree, so everyone shouted slogans. At about 9 o’clock, one or two hundred police officers were dispatched to disperse everyone, and some villagers were beaten.” He said that the police also forcibly deleted the scene photos taken by the villagers.

The reporter found that there was almost no news about the incident in the domestic media and the Internet.

Public information shows that Guangzhou Nanhong Aoster Hotel is located in Huahaishanyuhai Building, Jiuwangmiao Village, Xingye Road, Nansha Street, with convenient transportation and 149 guest rooms. The hotel welcomes guests from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries.

The reporter tried to book a room at the Auster Hotel online, but it was prompted that the reservation could not be made within a month. The hotel’s latest reservations and customer reviews stay on June 10th. The reporter called the hotel phone, but no one answered.

Nanhong Aust Hotel cannot be booked within one month. The hotel’s latest reservations and customer reviews stay on June 10th. (webpage Screenshot)

Despite the strong opposition from the villagers, Mr. Yu said, “It has now been decided that a large number of CCP police and construction personnel have entered the Auster Hotel. The police have set up many high-powered high-power cameras, and most people are not close at all. The Auster Hotel There are a large number of police officers around, and construction workers are working on it.”

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Nansha District urgently levies a large number of quarantine points

Nansha is the southernmost district of Guangzhou, far from the urban area. With the spread of the epidemic in Guangzhou, Nansha District urgently announced the closure of the city on June 5, and all employees were tested for nucleic acid. The operation of buses, subways, ferries, and long-distance passenger transport in Nansha has been suspended. The high-speed expressway, high-speed rail, docks and other passages away from Nansha are all closed.

According to the website of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, starting from June 11, 2021, Liwan District and Nansha District will be adjusted to medium-risk areas.

The outside world questioned that the Chinese Communist Party did not dare to release the real epidemic data. First, 5,600 medical care personnel from various parts of Guangdong Province were allocated to support Guangzhou Nansha, Zengcheng, Conghua, and Huadu. Only Nansha District 1 has more than 2,400 medical support; second, Nansha District A large number of quarantine points are set up, hotels are requisitioned, and quarantine points are set up in safe and epidemic-free communities.

The online video showed that the Wanqingsha Apartment in Nansha, Guangzhou was vacated as a preliminary isolation point. More than 700 rooms were vacated in one day, and the staff of the moving company threw furniture downstairs directly from the balcony in a hurry. In addition, it is believed that Nansha Hotel was also expropriated, and the website reservation indicated that “all room types are full”.

The reporter found that in the Vanke Bailu County community in Nansha, Guangzhou, the quarantine area was also set up in the living quarters. The 11 and 12 talent apartment buildings newly completed in the district were requisitioned as epidemic isolation points, only 6 meters away from residential buildings.

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Nansha Vanke Bailu County housing estate was requisitioned as an isolation point. (webpage Screenshot)

Related videos show that on the evening of June 8th, a group of unknown persons secretly demolished a side wall of the Bailuzhou community without showing any documents or notices. The construction team also beat up the owners and the scene was chaotic.

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