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Fugatti, ‘we worked on the communication of values’ – Trentino AA/S

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Fugatti, ‘we worked on the communication of values’ – Trentino AA/S

Positive balance after two years of presidency of the Euregio

(ANSA) – TRENTO, MAY 13 – Sharing, community spirit, a path with solid foundations and clear objectives for the future: the outcome of the Euregio Festival, which took place in the Trentino town of Ala, is certainly positive. The institutional morning, with the meetings of the Board and the EGTC Assembly, gave way, in the afternoon, to the many appointments open to adults and children. From workshops on the silk cycle to guided tours of the buildings and historic streets of the town. But also major events, such as the meeting with the “King of the eight thousand” Reinhold Messner and moments of historical insight, such as the unveiling of the plaque in memory of Andreas Hofer (as part of the project “1809: on the trail of Andreas Hofer”) and the presentation of the book “Dittature di confine” by Lorenzo Gardumi and Anselmo Vilardi.

Around noon, however, the citizens of Ala, the authorities, the local band and the Tyrolean band of Wilten, but also the many Schützen present, took part in the inaugural ceremony of the festival in the central Piazza San Giovanni. A solemn moment, during which the Ala band played the Ode to Joy at the opening, while the banner of the Euregio was hoisted in front of the town hall.

President Maurizio Fugatti greeted the authorities present, the Schützen companies and all the citizens who attended: “In these two years we have wanted to work hard on communicating the values, principles and ideals that make up the identity spirit of the Euregio. We have it done in schools, with young people, but also with the mayors and the municipalities”, said the president recalling the establishment of the council of municipalities of the Euregio, with the large participation of the mayors of Trentino also in the demonstrations in Tyrol and in Alto Adige . “We are continuing this work and the hope is that in the future in the three territories, at every border of our Municipalities, people will find the symbol of the Euegio”. (HANDLE).

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